10 Facts about Draco Constellation

Friday, November 18th 2016. | Astronomy

Let me show you the constellation located at the northern part of the sky on Facts about Draco Constellation. Draco is taken from the Latin word of Dragon. Ptolemy was the astronomer from the second century who enlisted Draco as one of the 48 constellations. Today, Draco is included as one of the 88 constellations. Let us check other interesting facts about Draco constellation below:

Facts about Draco Constellation 1: where to find Draco constellation

If you are interested to find the Draco, you need to look at to the northern latitudes. It can be seen all year around.

Facts about Draco Constellation 2: the characteristics of Draco

Draco is never setting. That is why it is circumpolar. Draco also houses the ecliptic of North Pole.



Facts about Draco Constellation 3: The Egyptian Pyramids

When the Egyptians built their pyramids, one sideway was facing north for they wanted to view the northern pole star called Thuban. Read facts about dark matter here.

Facts about Draco Constellation 4: the traditional name of Draco

The traditional name of Alpha Draconis was Thuban. The meaning of the word is head of the serpent.

draco constellation

draco constellation

Facts about Draco Constellation 5: the pole star

The Thuban is estimated to be the polar star against in AD 21000. The magnitude of Thuban is 3.7. It is the blue white giant star.

Facts about Draco Constellation 6: the other stars in Draco

Gamma Draconis is another star in Gamma Draconis. It earns the status as the brighter star. The tradition name of Gamma Draconis is Eltanin or Etamin. The magnitude of the star is at 2.2. The giant star has orange color.

pgc 39058 a dwarf galaxy

pgc 39058 a dwarf galaxy

Facts about Draco Constellation 7: Beta Draconis

The yellow giant star in Draco is Beta Draconis. It is located at magnitude 2.8. The traditional name of the star is Rastaban.

Facts about Draco Constellation 8: the types of stars in Draco

Draco also features the binary stars and double stars.  One example of the double star is η Draconis. The two stars are only 4.8 arcseconds apart.

facts about draco constellation

facts about draco constellation

Facts about Draco Constellation 9: Mu Draconis

An example of a binary star in Draco is Mu Draconis. The traditional name is Alrakis. It has two white parts. Get facts about Deimos here.

Facts about Draco Constellation 10: Omicron Draconis

The next star in Draco is Omicron Draconis. Even though you only use a small telescope, you can spot the star.

Are you interested reading facts about Draco Constellation?

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