10 Facts about Draco Malfoy

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The following post of Facts about Draco Malfoy below will tell the readers about a notable character of Harry Potter series. He is a member of Slytherin house. Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle were the cronies of Malfoy who acted as his henchmen. Tom Felton portrayed the character of Malfoy in the film of Harry Potter.   Rowling, the author of the novel series stated that the character of Malfoy was inspired from the bullies that she received in her school years.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 1: the character of Malfoy

If you are a huge fan of Harry Potter, you must know the character of Malfoy. He loves bullying other students. He likes hurting other people and tries to manipulate them.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 2: introducing Malfoy’s character

Rowling wanted to showcase the bigotry and intolerance themes by having the Malfoys in her series. The Malfoy never judged the people based on their achievements or even great characters, but by their blood lineage.

draco malfoy

draco malfoy

Facts about Draco Malfoy 3: the magical education

Malfoy believed that the magical education should not be given for the Mudbloods or Muggle-born witches and wizards.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 4: the impression of the Wizarding community

Eventually, Harry recognized that the Wizarding community is just as corrupt as the people in the real world are.

facts about draco malfoy

facts about draco malfoy

Facts about Draco Malfoy 5: the original name

In the earliest draft of Philosopher’s Stone, Rowling originally named Draco Malfoy as Draco Spungen. After Rowling completed the list, she changed the surname into Malfoy.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 6: Philip Nel

The meaning of the word mal foi was bad faith based on the belief of Philip Nel. It was taken from the French language.

tom felton

tom felton

Facts about Draco Malfoy 7: Nilsen and Nilsen

Another opinion related to the meaning of Malfoy was argued by Nilsen and Nilsen in a 2002 published article. Mal means evil or bad. It is a French prefix. On the other hand, the word is associated with Draconian.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 8: the Blacks

The Blacks were the family of Draco’s maternal side.  Their names are inspired from stars such as Cygnus Black, Sirius Black, Orion Black and Bellatrix Black Lestrange. Get facts about Dracula here.

tom felton pic

tom felton pic

Facts about Draco Malfoy 9: the name of his son

When Draco has a son, he names it Scorpius. It is also a constellation.

Facts about Draco Malfoy 10: the first encounter with Harry Potter

Harry Potter and Malfoy have their first encounter at a clothing shop called Madam Malkin’s. Check facts about Doraemon here.

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