10 Facts about Dracula

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Facts about Dracula talk about the primary antagonist character in a Gothic horror novel with the same name. Bram Stoker was an Irish who wrote the novel released in 1897. Vampire Count Dracula in the novel is very famous in the world. The story is centered on the attempt of Dracula to relocate to England from Transylvania. He wanted to get the new blood in the new city. However, he had to face Professor Abraham Van Helsing and his group who resisted Dracula. Let us find out other interesting facts about Dracula below:

Facts about Dracula 1: the literary genres

Dracula is included in various types of genres such as invasion literature, horror fiction, vampire literature and gothic novel.

Facts about Dracula 2: the popularity

Dracula is considered as a very popular character. The character has been adapted in various TV series, movies and theatrical production.

gary oldman as dracula

gary oldman as dracula

Facts about Dracula 3: the inspiration

Many people believe Dracula was inspired from Wallachian Prince Vlad III the Impaler from 15th century. The prince was also known as Dracula. Get facts about Doomsday here.

Facts about Dracula 4: the characteristics

The characteristics of Dracula were narrated from different narrators. The people would know his weaknesses, abilities and powers.

facts about count dracula

facts about count dracula

Facts about Dracula 5: who was Dracula?

Dracula is a nobleman from Transylvania. He had lived for centuries. However, he was not dead.

Facts about Dracula 6: the place of living

Dracula lives in a castle located near the Borgo Pass at the Carpathian Mountains. The castle is decaying.

Statue of Bela Lugosi

Statue of Bela Lugosi

Facts about Dracula 7: the portrayal of Dracula

Dracula presents the aristocratic charm for he is a nobleman.  The portrayal of Dracula by Stoker is very different from the common vampire. He is not as a corpse-like creature found in Eastern European folklore.

Facts about Dracula 8: the early life of Dracula

The early life of Dracula is not known much. However, it is stated that he was an alchemist, statesman and soldier.

dracula novel

dracula novel

Facts about Dracula 9: the death

Dracula rises from death as a vampire. When he died, his body was placed in a great tomb located in the castle.  He lived with three female vampires for centuries in the castle. Find facts about Doraemon here.

Facts about Dracula 10: an ancient architecture

Dracula was in love with an ancient architecture. He loved it and preferred to live inside an aged home to a new one.

count dracula portrayal

count dracula portrayal

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