10 Facts about Dracula’s Castle

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Facts about Dracula’s Castle present the information about the fictitious place of living of Dracula.  Dracula is the vampire character in the novel of Bram Stoker released in 1897 with the same name. The castle is very important in the story.  The beginning and end of the story occurred at Dracula’s Castle. Let us check other interesting facts about Dracula’s Castle:

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 1: the symbol of the castle

The castle witnessed the scene of his death even though it became the symbol of strength at the first scene.

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 2: the first chapters

Jonathan Harker was a young lawyer who traveled to reach Castle Dracula after he was picked in Borgo Pass.

dracula's castle

dracula’s castle

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 3: the mysterious driver

Harker was picked by a mysterious driver. Finally, he realized that the driver actually was Dracula. Check facts about Dover Castle here.

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 4: the trip of Harker

After he was taken by the mysterious driver, he slept. He thought he was lost when the driver disappeared. Count Dracula opened the door of his castle and welcomed him.

portrait of vlad iii dracula

portrait of vlad iii dracula

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 5: Harker in the castle

Harker stayed in the castle and engaged a conversation with the Count about the property Carfax near Purfleet. The Count was interested to purchase the property.

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 6: the disturbing habit

When staying in the castle, Harker realized that Count Dracula had disturbing habit such as he acted like a lizard by climbing along the walls.

vlad the impaler

vlad the impaler

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 7: as a prisoner in the castle

Harker believed that he became the prisoner in the castle for he could not go anywhere. The three Vampire sisters harassed him when he slept in a forbidden room. Seeing the situation, the Count was furious with the vampire sisters for Harker was his guest.

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 8: the ruined castle

Count Dracula confirmed that castle was in ruined state. It featured the broken casements and battlements.

facts about dracula's castle

facts about dracula’s castle

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 9: interior decoration

The interior decoration of Dracula’s castle is rich and luxurious. The bed features the most beautiful fabrics, expensive hangings and upholstered chairs and sofas.

Facts about Dracula’s Castle 10: the view

Harker enjoyed as wonderful view from the castle. From the top of the castle, Harker spotted the deep rift and green treetops. Get facts about 10 Downing Street here.

Are you impressed after reading facts about Dracula’s Castle?

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