10 Facts about Dragon Fruit

Saturday, November 26th 2016. | Culinary

Facts about Dragon Fruit impress us with the unique information about a fruit native to Americas. People often call it pitahaya. It is included in the genus Hylocereus.  The sour pitayas have the scientific name Stenocereus fruit. The fruit has stronger taste. The flesh is juicier. The Native Americans consider the pitaya agria or sour pitaya as an important fruit for them, which can be found in Sonoran desert. Find other interesting facts about dragon fruit below:

Facts about Dragon Fruit 1: another name

Dragon fruit has various names. It is called the plant ziix is ccapxl based the Seri people who live in northwestern Mexico.

Facts about Dragon Fruit 2: other species of dragon fruit

The other species of dragon fruits include S. griseus or the dagger cactus and S. queretaroensis.

dragon fruit facts

dragon fruit facts

Facts about Dragon Fruit 3: the sweet pitaya

The sweet pitaya is called pitaya dulce. The Seri people call it as ool. It is actually S. thurberi or organ pipe cactus. Get facts about desert plants here.

Facts about Dragon Fruit 4: the types of sweet pitayas

Three types of sweet pitayas are available. All of them have leafy and leathery skin.

dragon fruit plants

dragon fruit plants

Facts about Dragon Fruit 5: the white-fleshed pitaya

The white-fleshed pitaya is also called as pitaya blanca. It has the scientific name of Hylocereus undatus. It is considered as the common dragon fruit, which has white flesh and red skin.

Facts about Dragon Fruit 6: the yellow pitaya

Another type of sweet pitaya is the yellow pitaya or Pitaya amarilla. The scientific name is Hylocereus megalanthus. The flesh is white, while the skin is yellow.

dragon fruit

dragon fruit

Facts about Dragon Fruit 7: the red-fleshed pitaya

The last type of sweet pitaya is red-fleshed pitaya. It is called as pitaya roja or Hylocereus costaricensis. The flesh and skin are red. Check facts about daisies here.

Facts about Dragon Fruit 8: the weight

The weight of dragon fruits may reach a kilogram. On average, it has the weight of 150 to 600 grams.

dragon fruits

dragon fruits

Facts about Dragon Fruit 9: the imports

Dragon fruit has been imported to various countries in the world. Australia imports the yellow dragon fruits and red dragon fruits from Colombia.

Facts about Dragon Fruit 10: how to consume dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is an unusual fruit. If you are interested to eat it, you have to expose the flesh by cutting the skin. The flesh has the crunchy seeds. It reminds you with the texture of kiwi fruit.

Are you impressed after reading facts about dragon fruit?

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