10 Facts about Dragonflies

Thursday, November 24th 2016. | Animals

The Facts about Dragonflies will tell the readers information related to the insect included in the order Odonata. The multifaceted eyes are spotted on the adult dragonflies. The body is in elongated shape. The wings are transparent and strong. They may feature the colored patches. The physical look of dragonflies reminds the people with damselflies. Both are related, yet different.  The wings of damselflies are located above or even along the abdomen.

Facts about Dragonflies 1: the flying ability

Besides the wing location, damselflies and dragonflies have different flying abilities. Damselflies have weaker flying ability than the dragonflies. The latter ones are agile when flying.

Facts about Dragonflies 2: the eyes

The eyes of dragonflies are compound, which assist the creature when flying. There are almost 24,000 ommatidia on each eye.

dragonflies pic

dragonflies pic

Facts about Dragonflies 3: the fossils

The fossils of dragonflies are very large. They were dated back 325 million years ago. The wingspans reached 30 inches.

Facts about Dragonflies 4: the species

Today, there are at least 3,000 species of dragonflies. A few of them live in the temperate areas. Most of them live in the tropical areas. Check facts about Dragon’s Den here.



Facts about Dragonflies 5: the stages of development

Use the term nymphs or naiads when the dragonflies are still in the aquatic larval stage. Then they will develop into adulthood.

Facts about Dragonflies 6: the mode of reproduction

The mode of reproduction of dragonflies is complicated.  It is related to the sperm competition, delayed fertilization and indirect insemination.



Facts about Dragonflies 7: the threat of population

The population of dragonflies is threatened due to the reduced wetlands.

Facts about Dragonflies 8: dragonflies in human culture

Dragonflies play an important role in human culture. That is why you can spot the images of dragonflies in the Art Nouveau jewelry, rock paintings and potteries.

facts about dragonflies

facts about dragonflies

Facts about Dragonflies 9: the usage of dragonflies

The people in Indonesia catch dragonflies for food. On the other hand, the people in China and Japan use dragonflies as the traditional medicine. The Japanese culture associates dragonflies with happiness, strength and courage. In European folklore, dragonfly is considered as sinister. Check facts about dragons here.

Facts about Dragonflies 10: the depiction in popular culture

The prose of H.E. Bates and Lord Tennyson featured the dragonflies. Both explored the agile flight and bright colors of dragonflies.

dragonflies mating

dragonflies mating

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