10 Facts about Dragons

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016. | Mythology

Facts about Dragons tell you about a legendary creature. It features the avian, reptilian and serpentine traits. There are various cultures in the world, which feature the dragons in their mythology. The two types of dragons include the Chinese dragons and Europeans dragons. Let us find out other interesting facts about dragons:

Facts about Dragons 1: the European dragons

The European dragons feature a set of wings and four legs. It has the animal level intelligence. Most of them are described to resemble the reptilian.  The European dragons are features in various folks in Europe. People also associate the creature with the mythologies of Western Asians and Balkans.

Facts about Dragons 2: the Chinese dragons

The dragons have no wings. However, they own four legs. The intelligence is above the animals. The Chinese dragons are always described as the serpentine creature.

facts about dragons

facts about dragons

Facts about Dragons 3: the counterparts of Chinese dragons

The Chinese dragons are also spotted in other Asian cultures like in East Asian, Korean, Japanese and South Asian.

Facts about Dragons 4: the original name of dragon

The word Draco in Latin and dragon in English is taken from the word drakon, a Greek word. The meaning is water snake, dragon or serpent of huge size.



Facts about Dragons 5: dragon in English language

In the beginning of 13th century, the word dragon became the English word. It was borrowed from the Old French dragon.

Facts about Dragons 6: the representation of dragon

When you see the pictures of dragon, you will know that the body resembles a reptile.

dragon facts

dragon facts

Facts about Dragons 7: dragon in antiquity

Dragon was depicted as a serpent during the antiquity. Then the description evolved by adding legs on the dragon during the Middle Ages. It reminds us with the shape of a lizard. Find facts about Cupid here.

Facts about Dragons 8: dragon in modern era

The depiction of dragon in modern era always involves the huge or giant body. It resembles the look of a snake or lizard.

dragons pic

dragons pic

Facts about Dragons 9: fire

The unique feature that this mythological creature has is the fire that it emits from the mouth. Check facts about Demeter Goddess here.

Facts about Dragons 10: the ability to fly

Another unique feature of dragon is the ability to fly. The bat like-wings are spotted on the depiction of the European dragons. However, the Chinese dragons are wingless. Use the term wyvern if you want to call a dragon like creature, which only owns a pair of legs.

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