10 Facts about Drainage Basins

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Facts about Drainage Basins will talk about the area of land where the water is accumulated. It joins the body of water like ocean, wetland, reservoir, river, sea, and lake. The water of drainage basin can be taken from the ice, melting snow or even rainfall. The drainage basin will be super large if it joins the tributaries. Let us get other interesting facts about drainage basins below:

Facts about Drainage Basins 1: the examples of large drainage basins

The Ohio River and Missouri River are situated within their own drainage basins. Both rivers are also parts of the Mississippi river’s drainage basin.

Facts about Drainage Basins 2: the other terms

Drainage basin is often called in different terms. People can call it a drainage area, water basin, catchment, river basin and catchment area.

drainage basin facts

drainage basin facts

Facts about Drainage Basins 3: the term drainage basin in North America

The people who live in North America call the drainage basin as watershed. However, the term watershed means the drainage divided in other English-speaking countries.

Facts about Drainage Basins 4: the hierarchical pattern

There is a hierarchical pattern spotted on the drainage basin. The smaller drainage basins will form the large drainage basins. Look at facts about diorite here.

facts about drainage basin

facts about drainage basin

Facts about Drainage Basins 5: the closed drainage basins

The closed drainage basin is also called as the endorheic basin. It is also called as a sink where the water accumulates in a dry lake.

Facts about Drainage Basins 6: a perimeter

The term perimeter is used to call the separation of drainage basin from the adjacent basin.

drainage basin pic

drainage basin pic

Facts about Drainage Basins 7: the Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic Ocean accounts for 48.7 percent of the land drainage in the world. The surface water of North America drains to Atlantic Sea via the Canadian Maritimes, Great Lakes basins and Saint Lawrence River.

Facts about Drainage Basins 8: the largest river basins by area

Do you know the top five largest river basins by area in the world? The smallest one is the Mississippi river.  The top largest one is the basin of Amazon River. The Rio de la Plata, Congo and Nile rivers take the second, third and fourth largest drainage.

drainage basin

drainage basin

Facts about Drainage Basins 9: The Mediterranean Sea basin

The coastal area of Syria, Israel, Lebambo, Turkey, Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central Europe, and Southern Europe are included in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

Facts about Drainage Basins 10: Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean only takes 13 percent of the drainage lands in the world. Some basins, which flow into the ocean, are from Japan, China, Pacific islands and Indochina. Check facts about divergent boundaries here.

drainage basin image

drainage basin image

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