10 Facts about Draupadi

Wednesday, November 30th 2016. | Mythology

If you like the classical Hindi epic, look at Facts about Draupadi. She serves as a pivotal character in Mahabharata. This Hindu epic describes Draupadi as the daughter of King of Panchala, Drupada. She is called as one of the Five Virgins or Panch-Kanyas. She has five sons. They are Srutasena, Satanika, Srutakarma, Sutasoma and Prativindhya. Get other facts about Draupadi below:

Facts about Draupadi 1: the other names

Draupadi has various names. She is also called Panchali because she is from the Land of Panchala. Other names include Drupadakanya, Krishnaa, Parshati and many more.

Facts about Draupadi 2: Sairandhri

Draupadi is called Sairandhri, which means an expert maid. She gets the name because of her work as a hair stylist for queen Sudeshna of Virat Kingdom during the second exile.



Facts about Draupadi 3: King Drupada defeated by Pandava

Prince Arjuna of Pandava was capable of defeating King Drupada of Panchala. Arjuna fought the king for Drona. Get facts about dragons here.

Facts about Draupadi 4: the revenge of King

The king decided to avenge by performing a yajña. A beautiful dark skinned woman appeared from the sacrificial fire named Draupadi along with Dhrishtadyumna.

draupadi images

draupadi images

Facts about Draupadi 5: the Kuru line

The heavenly voice stated that the Kuru line would be destroyed because of Draupadi.

Facts about Draupadi 6: the physical appearance

Talking about the physical appearance of Draupadi in Mahabharata, she is a very beautiful woman who has dark exotic skin.

draupadi image

draupadi image

Facts about Draupadi 7: a Swayamvara contest

A Swayamvara contest was established by Drupada to choose the best husband for her. The winner of the contest is Arjuna in disguise.  Kunti is informed that Arjuna won a contest. She says to her son to share the prize. That is why Draupadi is wedded to five Pandava brothers.

Facts about Draupadi 8: the sons of Draupadi

Draupadi has five sons from Pandavas. After the end of Kurukshetra battle, her sons died. Check facts about Calypso here.

draupadi facts

draupadi facts

Facts about Draupadi 9: Kurukshetra War

Kurukshetra War broke out. Draupadi is not participated in the war even though she shows enthusiasm to fight. She stays in the camp during the war.

Facts about Draupadi 10: the 16th day of Kurukshetra War

Bhima was capable killing Dushasana so that he fulfilled his oath. Draupadi was very happy hearing the news. She used the blood of her brother in law to wash her hair.

facts about draupadi

facts about draupadi

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