10 Facts about Drayton Manor

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Check out the interesting information about a theme park resort on Facts about Drayton Manor. You just have to go to Drayton Bassett, Staffordshire, England to visit the resort and zoo.  The park spans on 110 hectare or 280 acres of area. There are at least 1.5 million people per year visiting the park. The various rides that you can find here include Apocalypse, the Shockwave, and Action Park. Let us check other interesting facts about Drayton Manor in the following post below:

Facts about Drayton Manor 1: the rides

Apocalypse is a five-sided drop tower. The only stand up coaster in Europe is located in the Shockwave in the park.

Facts about Drayton Manor 2: the daily capacity

The daily capacity of Drayton Manor is 15,000 visitors. The entrances are available. You can go to Entrance 1, Main Entrance and Entrance 2.

drayton manor g force

drayton manor g force

Facts about Drayton Manor 3: the opening of the park

In mid March to beginning November, the park is open every single day. In the end November to January, the park is opened in selected day. Find facts about Disneyland Paris here.

Facts about Drayton Manor 4: the opening hour

The gates of the park are opened at 9:30 a.m. If you are interested to access the rides; you need to wait until 10.30 am. The park is closed at 5 pm.

drayton manor theme park

drayton manor theme park

Facts about Drayton Manor 5: the areas in Drayton Manor

There are seven areas of the park. They include Farmer McColl’s Farm, Action Park, Thomas Land, The Zoo and Dinotrail, and Pirate Cove.

Facts about Drayton Manor 6: the primary attractions

The primary attractions found in Drayton Manor include a Verizon of Zamperla’s Air race, Splash Canyon, the Shockwave and X Car roller coaster.

drayton manor

drayton manor

Facts about Drayton Manor 7: the children

If you come with children to Drayton Manor, do not forget to go to Thomas Land. This area is inspired from Thomas the Tank Engine. Actually, it was called Robinson’s Land.

Facts about Drayton Manor 8: Aerial Park

You can find stores, restaurants and rides on Aerial Park. Due to the aerial nature, the area is called Aerial Park.

facts about drayton manor

facts about drayton manor

Facts about Drayton Manor 9: Fisherman’s Wharf

The location of Fisherman’s Wharf is near the lake. You can spot The Bounty, the Polpero Express and Stormforce 10.

Facts about Drayton Manor 10: other attractions

Bryan’s Slot Machine Museum and Discover Thomas and Friends Exhibition are the other attractions that you can find here. Let’s check facts about Dovedale here.

drayton manor park

drayton manor park

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