10 Facts about Dreams

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Facts about Dreams talk about sensations, emotions, ideas or even images experienced when people are sleeping. The experts are still in debate and speculation related to the purposes and content of dreams. Throughout the history, dream has been an interesting subject in the religion and philosophy. If you are interested to learn about dream, you need to engage in oneirology. It is defined as the scientific study of dream. Below is the complete information about dream to notice:

Facts about Dreams 1: the occurrence of dream

The experts believe that dreams might occur during the stage of sleep called REM or rapid-eye movement. At that time, the activity of the brain is very high as if people were awake.

Facts about Dreams 2: the eye movements

During the sleep, the continuous movements of eyes are used to characterize the REM stage of sleeping.  In that stage, the dreams are more memorable. Check facts about disabilities here.



Facts about Dreams 3: the other stages of sleeping

Dreams are not always occurred in the REM stage. The people may have dreams in other sleeping stages. However, they are less memorable.

Facts about Dreams 4: the length of dreams

If the person has a dream in the REM phase, he or she usually will remember the dream when waking up. The length of dream is varied. It may last seconds or even up to 30 minutes. Get facts about dimples here.

dream pic

dream pic

Facts about Dreams 5: the number of dreams in a night

There are around 3 to 5 dreams at one night experienced by the people on average. Other people may have seven dreams. In many cases, the dreams are easy to forget when they wake up. It is also prevalent to have two hours of REM during the 8 hours of sleeping time.

Facts about Dreams 6: the modern point of view of dreams

Dreams are associated with unconscious mind in the modern period. The nature of dream can be bizarre, surreal, ordinary or even normal.



Facts about Dreams 7: the nature of dream

The nature of dream is varied. It can be sexual, adventurous, magical, exciting, frightening or even melancholic. We cannot control what will happen in the dream.

Facts about Dreams 8: creativity

Dream can be a source of inspiration for some people. Thus, it can increase the creativity.

facts about dreams

facts about dreams

Facts about Dreams 9: the Freudian theory of dream

The Freudian theory of dreams is famous today.  Based on the theory, the dream shows the hidden emotions and desires of a person.

Facts about Dreams 10: the dreams in Roman and Greek periods

Dreams were thought to be the messages from the gods or deities during the Roman and Greek periods.

dream facts

dream facts

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