10 Facts about Dred Scott Case

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Let me show you a landmark decision conducted by US Supreme Court on Facts about Dred Scott Case. It had something to do with the United States labor law and constitutional law. The case is often called as Dred Scott v. Sandford. Dred Scott involved in the case. He was an enslaved man who wanted to sue for his freedom. The federal law stated a Negro man could not earn American citizenship whether the person was free or enslaved. Below is the complete information about Dred Scott Case:

Facts about Dred Scott Case 1: the freedom

Scott wanted to get his freedom after he was taken by his master to the Free states.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 2: rejected request

The request of Scott to get his freedom was denied by the court. Chief Justice Roger B. Taney wrote a 7-2 decision.

dred scott case

dred scott case

Facts about Dred Scott Case 3: the slavery in America

Slavery was common in America. By making the decision, Taney hoped that the question related to slavery would be gone. However, this decision just improved the sentiment among the anti-slavery in the North.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 4: the indirect cause

The American Civil War, which broke up later, was party caused by the decision related to slavery in Scott’s case.

facts about dred scott case

facts about dred scott case

Facts about Dred Scott Case 5: the full citizenship

It seems that African American people had to struggle hard to pursue their freedom and the right to get American citizenship.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 6: the point of view of scholars

The scholars have their own point of view related to the decision of Dread Scott case. Most of them condemn the decision. Find facts about Declaration of Independence here.

roger b taney

roger b taney

Facts about Dred Scott Case 7: who was Dred Scott?

Dred Scott was born in 1795 in Virginia. He was a slave. It is hard to know about the early years of Scott.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 8: the owner of Scott

Peter Blow was the master of Scott. In 1818, he relocated to Alabama with his six slaves. Scott was sold to Dr. John Emerson, a United States Army surgeon. Get facts about Doom Painting here.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 9: the first attempt

In 1846, Scott had his first attempt to sue freedom for him and his family from Emerson after he was helped by abolitionist legal advisers.

Facts about Dred Scott Case 10: the financial assistance

Peter Blow, his previous owner gave him financial assistance. Scott believed that he deserved freedom in the Free states and territories.  The legal arguments about his cases were based on the previous cases like Rachel v. Walker, Somersett v. Stewart and Winny v. Whitesides.

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