10 Facts about Dresden Germany

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The capital city of the Free State of Saxony, Germany is explained on Facts about Dresden Germany. Leipzig is the largest city, while Dresden is the second largest one. The location of Dresden is close to the Czech Republic’s boundary. It sits at a valley of River Elbe. The residence of the Kings and Electors of Saxony was located in Dresden. It also served as the capital. There is no need to wonder if you find many artworks.

Facts about Dresden Germany 1: the unique buildings

When you visit Dresden, you will be impressed with the beautiful rococo and baroque styled buildings. That is why it earns the status as the Jewel Box.

Facts about Dresden Germany 2: Dresden in the Second World War

During the Second World War, Dresden was heavily destroyed because of the bombing conducted by the British and Americans. The report stated that 25,000 people died here.

Dresden Images

Dresden Images

Facts about Dresden Germany 3: the restoration

Dresden should be restored for it was heavily damaged. The reconstruction was conducted in several areas such as the Semper Oper, Zwinger and Katholische Hofkirche. Check facts about Dover here.

Facts about Dresden Germany 4: the importance of Dresden

Dresden is considered as the political, educational and cultural center for Germany and Europe after Germany was reunified in 1990.

Facts about Dresden

Facts about Dresden

Facts about Dresden Germany 5: the university

The most prominent university in Dresden is The Dresden University of Technology. There is no need to wonder that technology is considered as the major sources of economy in the city. It earns the title as Silicon Saxony.

Facts about Dresden Germany 6: the visitors

There are at least 4.3 million overnight stays annually in Dresden. It is one of the most visited cities in Germany.

Dresden Facts

Dresden Facts

Facts about Dresden Germany 7: the point of interest

You can find many points of interest in Dresden Germany. You can go to Moritzburg Castle, the Ore Mountains, the Frauenkirche, and National Park of Saxon Switzerland.

Facts about Dresden Germany 8: the Frauenkirche

The Frauenkirche is a notable church in Dresden. The Second World War damaged the 18th century building. In 1994 until 2005, the church was restored.

Dresden Beauty

Dresden Beauty

Facts about Dresden Germany 9: Florence of the Elbe

Dresden is called Florence of the Elbe or Elbflorenz because of its amazing baroque architecture, mild climate, beautiful artworks and fantastic museums. Find facts about Dover Delaware here.

Facts about Dresden Germany 10: the green areas and forests

You will love visiting Dresden because 63 percent of the city is occupied by forests and green areas.

Dresden 1521

Dresden 1521

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