10 Facts about Dressage

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Facts about Dressage tell the readers about a high skilled form of riding a horse. Some people decided to pursue dressage only for mastery. However, others decide to learn dressage for performance in the horse competition and exhibition. Dressage is a term taken from French. It means training. It is considered as the highest expression of horse training in equestrian sport.  The movements will be predetermined before the rider and horse perform it. Therefore, both rider and horse should be focus on it.

Facts about Dressage 1: the competition of dressage

There are various competitions of dressage.  Those include the professional ones in World Equestrian Games and Olympic Games. The amateur ones are observed too.

Facts about Dressage 2: the importance of dressage

Dressage is very important for those who want to perform well in equestrian. Some factors will affect the quality of dressage. The horse should own the natural athletic ability. The progressive training methods should be developed for the horse. Moreover, the horse should have the willingness to perform in the competition.

dressage facts

dressage facts

Facts about Dressage 3: the golden age of dressage

The response of the horse on the minimal aids given by a skilled rider is very smooth during the golden age of dressage.

Facts about Dressage 4: the rider and skilled horse

The skilled horse is willing to perform different kinds of movement requested even though the rider is effortless and relaxed. Check facts about Arabian Horses here.

dressage pic

dressage pic

Facts about Dressage 5: the history of dressage

Dressage is not a new form of horse riding. The origin was traced back in the Xenophon’s writings.

Facts about Dressage 6: the publication of horse riding

In 1550, “The Rules of Riding” was published. The writer was Federico Grisone in Renaissance period. It became the foundation of modern dressage.



Facts about Dressage 7: the training system of horse riding

The practice of classical dressage is used to develop the system of modern dressage.

Facts about Dressage 8: the modern dressage competition

The performance of tests is conducted in the modern dressage competition. Each movement will be assessed by the judges with a score from zero to ten.

facts about dressage

facts about dressage

Facts about Dressage 9: the score

Zero will be given by the judge if the horse does not execute the movement. 10 is given if the movement performed by the horse is excellent. Look at facts about Crazy Horse here.

Facts about Dressage 10: the score of 9

If the horse earns a score of 9, it means that it gains high mark.

dressage images

dressage images

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