10 Facts about Drinking Alcohol

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Facts about Drinking Alcohol inform us with the alcoholic beverage or alcoholic drink. The important content in this drink is ethanol. People often call it alcohol. It contains the low dosage of alcohol served as the depressant. When a person consumes alcoholic drink, he or she will experience decreased anxiety, euphoria and sociability. However, it may lead into unconsciousness, stupor and intoxication in a higher dosage. Let us check other facts about drinking alcohol below:

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 1: the long-term consumption of alcohol

If alcohol is consumed for a long term, it may lead into alcoholism, physical dependence and alcohol abuse.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 2: the social role

Various cultures in the world notice the social role of drinking alcohol. However, the consumption, sale and production of alcohol are regulated by the laws in most countries in the world.

Drinking Alcohol Stores

Drinking Alcohol Stores

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 3: banned alcohol

The alcoholic drinks are banned in several countries in the world. In many countries of the world, the drinks are legal. In 2014, the alcoholic drink industry was worth of $1 trillion. Alcohol is considered as one of the most popular recreational drugs globally.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 4: the consumption of alcohol

There was a report about the consumption of alcohol in 2015 among the Americans. Around 70 percent of them had drunk in the last year, while 89 percent of them had drunk at a certain point of the year. Find facts about drinking water here.

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking Alcohol

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 5: the classes of the alcoholic drinks

Beers, wines and spirits are included in the three classes of alcoholic drinks. Most of them contain the volume of alcohol at 3 percent to 40 percent.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 6: the fermented drinks

The fermented drinks had been recognized by the people since the end of Stone Age.

Drinking Alcohol Types

Drinking Alcohol Types

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 7: wine

The type of alcoholic drink produced from fermented grapes is wine. The aging process of wine takes more time than beer. It may take months or years to age. Check facts about drinking and driving here.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 8: the fruit wines

The wines are not always produced by grapes. The other fruits can be fermented too such as apples, cherries and plum.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol

Facts about Drinking Alcohol

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 9: sake

Sake is always associated with Japan. It is a type of local alcoholic drink created from the fermented rice wine.

Facts about Drinking Alcohol 10: beer

The grain mash is the primary content of beer. It earns the status as the most popular alcoholic drink.

Drinking Alcohol Pic

Drinking Alcohol Pic

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