10 Facts about Drinking Water

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Facts about Drinking Water explain the importance of safe water used for food preparation and drinking. People often call it improved drinking water and potable water. The drinking water should be free from any risk, which may affect the health. The drinking water was available for 89 percent of the world’s population in 2012. Let us check other interesting facts about drinking water:

Facts about Drinking Water 1: the access to drinking water

Around 2.3 billion people had the access to the public taps and wells. The tap water was accessible for 4 billion people.

Facts about Drinking Water 2: the unsafe drinking water

The unsafe drinking water was still accessed by 1.8 billion people. The feces contaminated the water. The people were at risk of having typhoid and cholera.

Drinking Water Facts

Drinking Water Facts

Facts about Drinking Water 3: the importance of water

Drinking water is very important of the life of human being. The intake of drinking water per person is different. The environment condition, health issues, age and physical activity are the factors, which affect the amount of drinking water. Find facts about Binge Drinking here.

Facts about Drinking Water 4: the average American consumption

On Average, the Americans consume one liter of drinking water per day. The Americans who consume less than 3 liter of water per day are 95 percent.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Facts about Drinking Water 5: the hot climate

It is required for the American who works in hot regions to consume 16 liter of drinking water.

Facts about Drinking Water 6: the weight

The weight of women and men is also affected by the intake of water. Water composes 55 percent of the female body. On the other hand, 60 percent of the male’s weight is composed of water.

Facts about Drinking Water

Facts about Drinking Water

Facts about Drinking Water 7: tap water in developed countries

The tap water meets the standard of drinking quality in developed countries. It is mostly used for irrigation, toilets and washings. A small proportion of tap water is used for food preparation and drinking.

Facts about Drinking Water 8: water in developing countries

Today, the developing countries are concerned to improve the quality of water resources and t decrease waterborne diseases.

Drinking Water Pictures

Drinking Water Pictures

Facts about Drinking Water 9: the recommended consumption

It is recommended for the people to consume 1.8 liter of drinking water based on the British Dietetic Association.

Facts about Drinking Water 10: hyponatremia

Hyponatremia will be occurred when a person takes too much water too quickly. This fatal condition occurs due to the water intoxication. Get facts about Drinking and Driving here.

Drinking Water Pic

Drinking Water Pic

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