10 Facts about Dromana

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Facts about Dromana impress us with the information about the suburb in Australia. If you are interested to visit Dromana, you can go to the south of Melbourne at the Mornington Peninsula. The Shire of Mornington Peninsula is the local government area of Dromana. It sits between St Andrews Beach and Mornington. The highest point on Mornington Peninsula is Arthurs Seat. Let us check other facts about Dromana below:

Facts about Dromana 1: the name Dromana

The name of the region Dromana was believed to be derived from the Irish Origin. In the end of 1930s, the name was coined from the arrival of gold prospectors.

Facts about Dromana 2: the Irish Origin

People associate the name Dromana in Australia with the Irish origin because there is a Dromana located at Blackwater River, Ireland.

Dromana Facts

Dromana Facts

Facts about Dromana 3: Hugh Jamieson

Hugh Jamieson bought 8 square mi of land or 2,070 hectares of land from the Crown. The land that he purchased covered the east of Safety Beach to the northern area of Dromana.  In cadastral surveys, the land is called Jamieson’s Special Survey.

Facts about Dromana 4: the subdivision

In 1854, the Crown lands in Dromana were first subdivided. On 12th April 1858, the Post Office was opened in the region.

Dromana Map

Dromana Map

Facts about Dromana 5: the pier

In 1872, the pier of Dromana completely finished. Therefore, the shipping activity in the region could be conducted perfectly.

Facts about Dromana 6: a seaside resort

Dromana was transformed into a seaside resort in 1881.  In February 1861, the region earned the status as a city. Get facts about Darlington here.

Shire of Mornington Peninsula Pic

Shire of Mornington Peninsula Pic

Facts about Dromana 7: the travel brochure

When Dromana was defined as a seaside resort, travel brochures were released to promote the tourism. It was defined as a comfortable and homey resort.

Facts about Dromana 8: Spencer Jackson

Spencer Jackson contributed a lot to the development of Dromana. He had many great achievements to develop Dromana.  In 1929, a road was constructed at the peak of Arthurs Seat.

Dromana Pier

Dromana Pier


Facts about Dromana 9: the guesthouses

The guesthouses were found in Dromana as a part of tourist destination. For more than half a century, McKeown and Shaw families managed the guesthouses. Find facts about Doncaster here.

Facts about Dromana 10: Dromana Hotel

Dromana Hotel is considered as one of the oldest buildings in Dromana. In 1927, the hotel was remodeled by Lou Carrigg. Dromana Secondary College was located close to the hotel.

Facts about Dromana

Facts about Dromana

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