10 Facts about Dromedary Camels

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Find out the interesting information about the Arabian camel on Facts about Dromedary Camels. The biological name is Camelus dromedarius. The main feature found in the camel is a hump in the back. Camel has three species. Dromedary is the smallest one.  The female camel has the weight of 660 to 1,190 lb or 300 to 540 kilogram. The male is bigger with the weight of 880 to 1,320 lb or 400 to 600 kilogram. Get other interesting facts about dromedary camels below:

Facts about Dromedary Camels 1: the height

The female dromedary camels have the height of 5.6 to 6.2 feet at the shoulder. On the other hand, the males have the weight of 5.9 to 6.6 feet.

Facts about Dromedary Camels 2: the unique features

The unique features owned by the dromedary camels are the narrow chest, curved neck, and one hump. The other two species of camel, wild Bactrian camel and Bactrial camel have two humps. The hairs found on the hump, shoulders and throat are long.

Dromedary Camels

Dromedary Camels

Facts about Dromedary Camels 3: the coat color

The coat color of dromedary camel is in brown tone. The single hump of this camel is composed from the fat. It has the height of 7.9 inches or 20 cm.

Facts about Dromedary Camels 4: the diet

The vegetation and foliage in the desert are the primary foods of dromedary camels. Camel is considered as a desert animal for it adapts well with the harsh and hot environment. Find facts about dragonflies here.

Facts about Dromedary Camels

Facts about Dromedary Camels

Facts about Dromedary Camels 5: the activity

A dominant male is considered as the leader of a herd of camels, which consists of 20 individual camels. During the daylight, the camels are active.

Facts about Dromedary Camels 6: the mating season

The mating season occurs all year around. The peak takes place in the rainy season.  The gestation period of a female camel lasts for 15 months.

Dromedary Camels Skeleton

Dromedary Camels Skeleton

Facts about Dromedary Camels 7: the domestication

It was believed that the first domestication of dromedary camels took place 4,000 years ago in the Arabian Peninsula or Somalia.

Facts about Dromedary Camels 8: where to find the dromedary

Dromedary camels can be spotted in Australia. Sometimes, they are feral. Africa or the Old World features the domesticated camels. The Sahara Desert is a home to wild dromedary camels. Look facts about doves here.

Dromedary Camel Heart

Dromedary Camel Heart

Facts about Dromedary Camels 9: the products

Some north Arabian tribes are supported by the products from dromedary camels like milk and meat.

Facts about Dromedary Camels 10: the usage of camels

Dromedary camels are used for transporting goods and riding.

Dromedary Camels Facts

Dromedary Camels Facts

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