10 Facts about Drones

Thursday, December 15th 2016. | Technology

Facts about Drones tell the readers about the unmanned aerial vehicles. It is also called as an unmanned aircraft system. A human pilot onboard is not even riding this aircraft for it is an unmanned one. The autonomy of the drone flight is available in different types. It may be operated using the onboard computer or even human operator through the remote control. The drone is used during the bad and dangerous mission so that the human casualty can be prevented. Let us get other interesting facts about drones below:

Facts about Drones 1: the application of drones

The drones are intended for the military. However, the application of drone is expanding. It is also used in agricultural, recreational, commercial and scientific applications.

Facts about Drones 2: the other applications of drones

The drone racing, aerial photography, surveillance and policing can be conducted using drones too.



Facts about Drones 3: the number of produced drones

The drones for military applications are less than the drones for civilians based on the reports in 2015.

Facts about Drones 4: the differences of manned and unmanned aircraft

The same physical components are found on the unmanned and manned aircrafts. However, both are different seen from the life support system, environmental control system and cockpit.

Drones Pic

Drones Pic

Facts about Drones 5: the payloads

The payloads are often spotted on the drones. The common one is camera. The military drones carry the heavy equipments. However, the weight is smaller than that of the manned aircrafts.

Facts about Drones 6: the life critical system

The life critical system is not a big deal for civilian drones. That is why they are made of less sturdy material. Moreover, they have lighter weights. The primary design of small drones is made in quadcopter. This design is not found in manned aircraft. Find facts about Drax Power Station here.



Facts about Drones 7: the less powerful propulsion

The less powerful propulsion technologies are applied on drones due to the mini design. It keeps the weight of drone light. Therefore, the small batteries and electric motors are used to power drones.

Facts about Drones 8: the control system

The cockpit windows are often replaced with a camera and video operated by remote human control. The physical cockpit control is replaced with radio transmitted digital commands. Check facts about databases here.

Facts about Drones

Facts about Drones

Facts about Drones 9: the cockpit area

The cockpit area is not available on drones. The manned ones usually are made in bi copters or tailed mono copter. On the other hand, the drones are made in quadcopters.

Facts about Drones 10: the power

The lithium polymer batteries are employed for the small drones. The conventional airplane engine is used to power the bigger drones.

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