10 Facts about Drowning

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Facts about Drowning remind the people with a respiratory impairment because of the condition under or in the water. The distress is visible even though drowning is characterized with the silent and quick action. The outcome of drowning is categorized in three conditions. They are the no ongoing health problems, the ongoing health problems and death. It is not recommended for the people to use the term near drowning to call the person who survives from drowning. Let us check other interesting facts about drowning by reading the below post:

Facts about Drowning 1: the early stage of drowning

The muscular spasm is observed during the early stage of drowning because a small amount of water enters the trachea. The lung only contains a small amount of water. Due to the muscular spasm, the passage of water and air are closed.

Facts about Drowning 2: unconsciousness

Unconsciousness will take place after the airway is sealed. It means that the drowning person cannot get the air to breathe. He or she is not capable to attract the attention or even call a help.

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest

Facts about Drowning 3: the cases of drowning

The cases of drowning reached 1.7 million cases in 2013. The third major cause of unintentional injury, which results to death, is the unintentional drowning.

Facts about Drowning 4: the death

In 1990, the number of death cases caused by unintentional drowning was 545,000 deaths. It was decreased into 368,000 deaths in 2013.

Facts about Drowning

Facts about Drowning

Facts about Drowning 5: the occurrence of drowning

The high frequency of drowning is mostly occurred on the young and males. Most of the death related drowning takes place in the countries, which have middle income and low income.

Facts about Drowning 6: the rate of drowning

There are several factors, which affect the drowning rate in the world. The national swimming culture, the water access and climate play the important roles to determine the rate. Find facts about dreams here.

Cardiac arrest Help

Cardiac arrest Help

Facts about Drowning 7: drowning depicted in the media

Drowning is depicted in the media with violent and loud struggle. In many real cases, drowning is silent and quick.

Facts about Drowning 8: the signs of instinctive drowning

There are various observable signs of instinctive drowning. The eyes usually are empty and glassy. The mouth is at the water level, while the head is low in the water.



Facts about Drowning 9: the beginning of drowning

The beginning of drowning is noted when a person cannot keep their mouth above the water based on Frank Pia. He is a researcher and a lifeguard. Check facts about drinking water here.

Facts about Drowning 10: the places of drowning

10 percent of drowning takes place in seawater.  Almost 90 percent occurs in the freshwater areas like pool, lake and river.

Drowning Facts

Drowning Facts

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