10 Facts about Drug Addiction

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Facts about Drug Addiction will explain about the medical condition, which forces the people to consume the drugs repeatedly. The negative adverse effects will appear when a person has a drug addiction. The long-term complication will likely to occur. For instance, the person who smokes tobacco for a very long time will develop the lung cancer in the future.  The extensive usage of intravenous methamphetamine will lead into the meth mouth. Another instance is the risk of having liver cirrhosis because of the addiction of alcohol.

Facts about Drug Addiction 1: other adverse side effects

The decrease of productivity is another side effect of drug addiction.

Facts about Drug Addiction 2: the signs of drug addiction

Can you mention the signs of drug addictions?  The person will develop the preoccupied behavior on the drug and impaired control to use the drugs. Even though he or she knows the bad outcome of drugs, they still use the drug continually because they do not have the guts to stop the usage.

Smoking insula

Smoking insula

Facts about Drug Addiction 3: the drugs

Various types of drug are associated with addiction such as nicotine, amphetamine, alcohol, opiate and cocaine.

Facts about Drug Addiction 4: the risk factors

The risk factors of drug addiction are based on the environment and genetics.

Smoking Addiction

Smoking Addiction

Facts about Drug Addiction 5: the genetic risk factor

The genetic risk factor occupies around half of the addiction.  The environment one is seen on the other half of the population.

Facts about Drug Addiction 6: the circumstance

During a very long period of high dosage of drug exposure, a person may develop an addiction.

Facts about Drug Addiction

Facts about Drug Addiction

Facts about Drug Addiction 7: the age

The age is another risk factor of drug addiction. In most cases, the developed addiction is spotted in adolescence. See facts about drinking alcohol here.

Facts about Drug Addiction 8: alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most addicted drugs in the world.  The study stated that 33 percent of the world’s population consumes their first alcohol at the age of 15 to 17. The dependence on alcohol is spotted when they consume it at early age.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Facts about Drug Addiction 9: the contributors of addiction

The contributors of drug addiction are related to the psychological, social and genetic factors. Check facts about drug abuse here.

Facts about Drug Addiction 10: coping mechanism

Drug addiction is considered as one way to cope the problems of the teenagers. That is why they consume substances.



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