10 Facts about Drug Overdose

Wednesday, December 21st 2016. | Medical

Facts about Drug Overdose inform the readers with the consumption or ingestion of drugs in larger amount than that of the common usage or recommendation. When a person has drug overdose, it may lead into death. The type of toxin or drug will determine the symptoms of overdose. The slow heart rate, breathing and pulse are included as the signs of opioid overdose. Let us get other facts about drug overdose below:

Facts about Drug Overdose 1: other symptoms of drug overdose

The other symptoms of opioid overdose are blue nails, blue lips and pinpoint pupils.  The symptoms occur because the oxygen in the blood is very low.  The additional symptoms are the reduced consciousness, seizures and muscle spasm. Even though you call the overdoses person, he or she will not wake up.

Facts about Drug Overdose 2: the types of drugs

Some frequent toxins or drugs, which may lead into overdose, are Ethyl alcohol, Amphetamine overdose, Barbiturate overdose, Methanol poisoning, opioid overdose, Aspirin poisoning, Organophosphate poisoning, Nicotine, and cocaine overdose.

Opioid overdose

Opioid overdose

Facts about Drug Overdose 3: the type of substance

To determine the type of drug consumed, the person usually will be questioned. However, if the person is unconscious, the family and friends will be questioned and the home of the person will be searched to find out the exact substance.

Facts about Drug Overdose 4: the other ways

The other ways are conducted too to determine the substance such as the laboratory test, drug testing and toxidromes examination.

Facts about Opioid overdose

Facts about Opioid overdose

Facts about Drug Overdose 5: the laboratory tests

There are various laboratory tests, which may be conducted like testing the level of salicylate and paracetamol.

Facts about Drug Overdose 6: the negative drug on drug interaction

People often misdiagnose the negative drug on drug interactions into suicide.

Facts about Drug overdose

Facts about Drug overdose

Facts about Drug Overdose 7: prevention

The United States tries to reduce the number of the opioid overdose death by distributing naloxone to injection drug users. The number of prevented death is 10,000.

Facts about Drug Overdose 8: the first treatment of the overdose

The first treatments for an overdosed person are by stabilizing the circulation, breathing and airways.  Get facts about drug abuse here.

Cocaine intoxication

Cocaine intoxication

Facts about Drug Overdose 9: the primary attention

The primary attention of the health practitioner when dealing with overdosed patient is located on the blood pressure, ECG, respiratory rate, temperature, O2 saturation and urine output.

Facts about Drug Overdose 10: antidotes

Antidotes have been developed to prevent a particular overdose. The opiates like morphine and heroine have Naloxone as the antidote. Check facts about drugs here.

Aspirin poisoning

Aspirin poisoning

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