10 Facts about Drugs

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Facts about Drugs present the information about a drug taken by the people for medicine or medication. When a person takes a drug, he or she hopes to reduce the symptoms of a particular medical condition or illness. The preventive drug is also available.  It does not treat the existing symptoms or diseases because it focuses on the future health benefit of the patients. Let us check other interesting facts about drugs by reading the following post below:

Facts about Drugs 1: the regulation of drugs

The drugs are classified in three categories. The prescription only medicine is accessible for the patients if it is prescribed by the physician or licensed medical professionals. Behind the counter medicines are accessible without the need of prescription, but the pharmacist will dispense the drug. The drugs in supermarkets and pharmacies that you can buy anytime you want without any prescription are called the over the counter medication.

Facts about Drugs 2:  the pharmacy medicine

The pharmacy medicine is used to call behind the counter medicine in United Kingdom. The sales of the drugs should be supervised by the pharmacists.

Purple Drugs

Purple Drugs

Facts about Drugs 3: the types of medicines

The types of medicines that you can find from one country to another country are different.

Facts about Drugs 4: the production

The production of drugs is mostly at the hand of the pharmaceutical companies. The developer will get the exclusive rights to produce the drugs if they have been patented.



Facts about Drugs 5: the generic drugs

The generic drugs are the drugs with expired patents or no patents. Therefore, the other companies can produce the similar drugs and sell them in the market.

Facts about Drugs 6: the classification of drugs

There are various classifications of drugs in the world. The most popular one is the ATC system or Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System. Biopharmaceutics Classification System is also applied in some systems.



Facts about Drugs 7: entheogens

Entheogens are the drugs often used by some ethnic religions. The drugs will act like an anesthetic, sedative or stimulant. The Xhosa people consider Silene undulata as their sacred plant. Get facts about doctors here.

Facts about Drugs 8: marijuana

In the religious ceremonies of Rastafari, they use ganja or marijuana.



Facts about Drugs 9: the smart drugs

The smart drugs are the nootropics, which can increase the cognitive abilities of human beings.

Facts about Drugs 10: designer steroids

Designer steroids are the product claimed to increase the physical abilities of people. Check facts about diabetes here.

Facts about Drugs

Facts about Drugs

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