10 Facts about Druids

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Facts about Druids will tell the readers about a member of the professional and educated class in Iron Age. The druids were spotted in Gaul, British Isles. They were included as the Celtic people.  The religious leaders, doctors, poets and law speakers were some famous druids at that time. Most of them had a certain learned profession. The information of the ancient druids is very rare. The written accounts about the druids are very limited.

Facts about Druids 1:  about the druids

Even though the written accounts about druids are very limited, people try to infer the information from the Roman, Greek, stories and artists, which left few descriptions about druids.

Facts about Druids 2: archaeological evidence

The religious practice of the druids in the Iron Age can be seen from the uncovered archaeological evidence.

Druids Story

Druids Story

Facts about Druids 3: the religious beliefs

The religious beliefs of druids can be seen from their belief of reincarnation, human sacrifice, animal sacrifice and the high class of Gaulish community. The beliefs are spotted on the Greco-Roman accounts about the druids.

Facts about Druids 4: Pliny the Elder

Pliny the Elder described one of the common religious practices of the druids. They performed the ritual of oak and mistletoe.

Druid Pic

Druid Pic

Facts about Druids 5: the reference of druids

The druids had been referred for the first time in 200 BCE. However, Commentarii de Bello Gallico of Julis Caesar showed the oldest actual description about the druids which dated back in 50s BCE.

Facts about Druids 6: the writers who described druids

Tacitus, Cicero and Pliny the Elders were the other Greco-Roman writers who had described the druids. Look at facts about Dred Scott Case here.

Facts about Druids

Facts about Druids

Facts about Druids 7: the Roman invasion of Gaul

Gaul was invaded by Roman, which led into the decline of druids.  The roman government under the reign of Tiberius and Claudius suppressed the druid orders.  In the second century, the druids were vanished from the written accounts.

Facts about Druids 8: Blathmac

Blathmac created a poem about Jesus, which cited the druids by saying that Jesus is more knowledgeable than druids are. Look at facts about Doom Painting here.



Facts about Druids 9: the view about druids in medieval tales

Druids were seen as the sorcerers who resisted Christianity in some medieval tales.

Facts about Druids 10: Neo-Druidism

Neo-Druidism was a movement conducted in 18th and 19th century by the neopagan and fraternal groups who applied the ancient druid’s ideas. It marked the revival of Celtics.

Druid Facts

Druid Facts

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