10 Facts about Drums

Friday, December 23rd 2016. | Music

A common musical instrument is explained on facts about drums.  Drum is included as a part of percussion group. Drum is considered as membranophone according to the classification system of Hornbostel-Sachs. Drum is made by using at least one membrane. People often call the membrane as a drum skin or drumhead. The sound is produced when you hit this stretched drum skin using drumsticks or hands.

Facts about Drums 1: a resonance head

The underside of the drums usually features a resonance head.  The top drumhead will produce slightly higher pitch than resonance head.

Facts about Drums 2: the techniques

Various techniques have been developed to generate sound from the drums. One of them is by using the thumb roll.

Moche Drum

Moche Drum

Facts about Drums 3: the popularity of drum

Drum is considered as one of the popular musical instrumentn in the world. It is called as the oldest one. The basic design of drums is similar in the present day or even in the past.

Facts about Drums 4: the player

The drum player may play a single drum or some drums at the same time. The timpani and bongo drums are played by one player even though it comes in a set of two drums. Look at facts about double bass here.

Talking Drum

Talking Drum

Facts about Drums 5: the basic modern drum kit

The basic modern drum kit features cymbals and drums.

Facts about Drums 6: the importance of drums

Drums are not only used for entertainment or leisure. The musical instrument has been involved in various religious ceremonies throughout the history of traditional cultures. Check facts about David Guetta here.

Facts about Drums

Facts about Drums

Facts about Drums 7: music therapy

The hand drums are mostly used to produce the sound for the music therapy. The hand drums are easy to use and have tactile nature.

Facts about Drums 8: the word drums and drummers in popular music and jazz

The word drummer is used to define the person or player of drums. On the other hand, the drum is used to call the instrument.



Facts about Drums 9: the divine status

In Burundy, drum earned the divine status. It symbolized the king’s power.

Facts about Drums 10: the shape of drums

Drums have various shapes. The cylinder drums are the most common ones. The bowl shaped shells are spotted on timpani. Djembe has the goblet shape. The bongo drums have the truncated cone shape.

Drum Pic

Drum Pic

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