10 Facts about Drunk Drivers

Sunday, December 25th 2016. | Automotive

Facts about Drunk Drivers tell the readers about the people who drive under the influence of alcohol. The action is often called as Driving While intoxicated or even Driving under the Influence. The drink divers or drunk drivers conduct a crime, which have to pay fine or even imprisonment depending on the level of crime.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 1: the studies about the drunk drivers

The studies about drunk drivers have been conducted to find out the common traits of them.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 2: the identification

The identification of some common traits of drunk drivers are discovered even though each person may involve in unique situation. Check facts about drinking and driving here.

Breath Tester

Breath Tester

Facts about Drunk Drivers 3: the psychological factors and characteristics

The people are interested to find out the psychological factors and characteristics of DUI offenders found of all ages in Sweden. This study involved 162 DUI offenders.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 4: the common characteristics

The common characteristics found in the drunk drivers of the study include introversion, low assertiveness, depression, neurotism and anxiety.



Facts about Drunk Drivers 5: the repeat DUI offenders

The repeat DUI offenders often have the antisocial characteristics.  It is considered as a specific personality found on the drunk drivers.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 6: ASPD

Some drunk drivers are diagnosed with ASPD. It stands for antisocial personality disorder. The personality traits, which can be found on these people, are the poor decision-making lifestyle, sensation seeking, high level of impulsity, low emotional adjustment, lack of self-control and low social responsiveness.

Alcoholic Service

Alcoholic Service

Facts about Drunk Drivers 7: a coping mechanism

For some people drinking alcohol is considered as one way to cope the emotional problem. Some believe that alcohol can be give them enjoyment.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 8: the development of anti-social trait

The development of anti social trait will be seen the future life if the people begin drinking alcohol since the young age.

Facts about Drunk Drivers

Facts about Drunk Drivers

Facts about Drunk Drivers 9: the families without alcoholism

The people who come from the families without the history of alcoholism usually begin drinking when they are older. Find facts about drinking alcohol here.

Facts about Drunk Drivers 10: the families with alcoholism

The people who come from the families with history of alcoholism start to drink when they are at young age. These people also have the risk of having psychosocial impairment and severe degree of substance abuse. Talking about gender, the male drunk drivers tend to have more legal issues than the female do.

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving


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