10 Facts about Dubai

Tuesday, December 27th 2016. | Cities

Facts about Dubai elaborate the interesting information about the most populous City in UAE or The United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the capital of Emirate of Dubai. The country consists of seven emirates. The only emirates in the country, which earn special status to veto the matter related to the legislature, are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dubai appears as a significant city in the Middle East. It will be expected as the host for 2020 World Expo.

Facts about Dubai 1: the economy of Dubai in 1960s

The revenues from trade were considered as the primary source of economy in Dubai in 1960s. In 1966, oil was discovered in the city. In 1969, the oil started to give revenue to the city’s economy.

Facts about Dubai 2: the development of Dubai

The early development of Dubai was mostly from the oil production. Now the oil production only accounts for five percent of Dubai’s revenue.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Facts about Dubai 3: the present day sources of economy

The financial services, real estate, aviation and tourism are considered as the primary sources of Dubai’s revenues. The economy is developed because of the western model of business in UAE. Find facts about Dresden Germany here.

Facts about Dubai 4: the fame

The attention of the people in the world is toward Dubai because of their sporting events and construction protect. Salam Standard calls Dubai as the best destination for the Muslim travelers.

Dubai Facts

Dubai Facts

Facts about Dubai 5: the construction project

The construction project in Dubai bears various iconic buildings and structures. Burj Khalifa is the famous one for it earns the title as the tallest building in the world. You can also find other high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Dubai.

Facts about Dubai 6: the decline of property market in Dubai

The financial crisis, which took place in 2007/2008, affected the property market in the city. In 2008/2009, the city saw rapid decline on the market. Get facts about Dromana here.

Facts about Dubai

Facts about Dubai

Facts about Dubai 7: the most expensive city

In the Middle East, Dubai was considered as the most expensive city as of 2012. In the world, it earned the 22nd most expensive city.

Facts about Dubai 8: the rate of hotel rooms in Dubai

The second most expensive rate of hotel rooms in the world was located in Dubai as of 2014. The first one was taken by hotel rooms in Geneva.

Dubai History

Dubai History

Facts about Dubai 9: the climate

The hot desert climate is spotted in Dubai. During the hottest month, it has the temperature 106 degree F for the summer season.

Facts about Dubai 10: laws

Pay attention to the laws when you visit Dubai. Consuming alcohol for the adult, non-Muslims are allowed as long as you consume it inside the hotels or homes.

Dubai at Night

Dubai at Night

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