10 Facts about Dubai Airport

Friday, December 30th 2016. | Transportation

Facts about Dubai Airport will remind the people with the main airport located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Based on the international passenger traffic, it earns the status as the busiest airport in the world. The official name of the airport is the Dubai International Airport. Based on the passenger traffic, it earns the third busiest airport in the world.  If you want to know other records of Dubai Airport, check the below information:

Facts about Dubai Airport 1: the runways

There are only two runways operated inside the Dubai Airport.  However, it also gains the status a the busiest hub for the Airbus A380.

Facts about Dubai Airport 2: the record in 2015

Dubai Airport registered 403,516 aircraft movements in the airport. It handled 2.51 million tonnes of cargo and 78 million passengers.

Dubai Airport Facts

Dubai Airport Facts

Facts about Dubai Airport 3: the location of Dubai Airport

The location of Dubai Airport is 2.9 miles east of Dubai at Al Garhoud district. It covers the land area of 7,200 acres or 2,900 hectares.

Facts about Dubai Airport 4: the operation of Dubai Airport

Dubai Airports Company is the operator of Dubai Airport. The largest airline hub in Middle East, the Emirates is based in the airport alongside with flydubai. Get facts about Dubai here.

Dubai Airport Images

Dubai Airport Images

Facts about Dubai Airport 5: the Emirates

Almost 42 percent of the aircrafts movements within Dubai Airport are handled by Emirates. It also accounts for 65 percent of the passenger traffic in the airport.

Facts about Dubai Airport 6: the flydubai

The flydubai is also based within Dubai Airport. Almost 2 percent or aircraft movement and 11.6 percent of the passenger traffic are handled by flydubai. It is famous due to its low cost.

Dubai Airport Pic

Dubai Airport Pic

Facts about Dubai Airport 7: the terminals

Dubai Airport can accommodate 90 million passengers per year with its three terminals.   The largest airport terminal in the world is located in Terminal 3 of Dubai Airport. Based on its floor space, it takes the second largest building in the world.

Facts about Dubai Airport 8: the weekly flights

140 airlines handle more than 7,700 weekly flights in Dubai Airport as of January 2016.

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport

Facts about Dubai Airport 9: the importance of Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is a crucial source of economy for Dubai. It provides employment for at least 90,000 people. It accounts for 27% of the nation’s GDP.

Facts about Dubai Airport 10: the original plan

Actually, Jebel Ali was selected as the original site for Dubai Airport. Find facts about Dubai Metro here.

Facts about Dubai Airport

Facts about Dubai Airport

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