10 Facts about Dubai Mall

Wednesday, December 28th 2016. | Buildings

Facts about Dubai Mall inform the readers with a big shopping mall located in Dubai. Based on the total area, it takes the record as the largest mall in the world. Based on the gross leasable area, Dubai Mall is placed at the 19th largest shopping mall along with West Edmonton Mall in Canada. Dubai Mall has 1,200 shops. It is a part of the Downtown complex, which consumed 20 billion dollars for its construction. Just as its name suggests, the location of the mall is in Dubai, UAE. Let us get other interesting facts about Dubai Mall below:

Facts about Dubai Mall 1: the visitors

Dubai Mall is a very popular building in the world. It was visited by 54 million people in 2011.

Facts about Dubai Mall 2: the official opening of Dubai Mall

On 4 November 2008, Dubai Mall was officially opened for public after it was delayed twice. At that time, it housed 1,000 retailers. Find facts about Dubai here.

Dubai Mall Facts

Dubai Mall Facts

Facts about Dubai Mall 3: the first five days of the official opening

During the first five days of the official opening, Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Centre had sold 61,000 tickets.

Facts about Dubai Mall 4: the visitors in 2009

In 2009, there were more than 37 million visitors of Dubai Mall. In a week, it hosted 750,000 visitors.

Dubai Mall Icerink

Dubai Mall Icerink

Facts about Dubai Mall 5: the title

Dubai Mall earned the title as the most visited shopping destination in 2012. The number of visitors was increased by 20 percent from 2011 to 2012.

Facts about Dubai Mall 6: awards

Dubai Mall was the winner for Best Use of Lighting in a Retail Environment and Best Retail Development Scheme. At the Summit Creative Awards 2005 in Portland, the mall won three awards for their brochure. Look at facts about Burj Khalifa here.

Dubai Mall Pic

Dubai Mall Pic

Facts about Dubai Mall 7: the retails

Dubai Mall has 22 cinema screens, a luxury hotel with 250 rooms, 1,400 parking spaces and 120 cafes and resto.

Facts about Dubai Mall 8: The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

More than 300 different species of marine animals are spotted on Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Peddle Thorp was the designer of the aquarium.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Facts about Dubai Mall 9: the ecological zones

The aquarium consists three ecological zones. They are the Living Ocean, Rocky Shore and Rainforest.

Facts about Dubai Mall 10: Ice Rink

Another interesting attraction is the Ice Rink. All people can access the rink. It features 350 seats.

Facts about Dubai Mall

Facts about Dubai Mall

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