10 Facts about Dublin

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Facts about Dublin inform us with the largest city and capital of Ireland. The location of the city is at the mouth of River Liffey. It is included in Leinster province of Ireland.  The Greater Dublin Area has been a home for 1,904,806 people as of 2016. The urban area of Dublin is occupied by 1,345,402 people. The history of Dublin was traced back as Viking settlement. After the Norman innovation, the principal city in Ireland was served by Kingdom of Dublin. Let us find other interesting facts about Dublin below:

Facts about Dublin 1: the expansion of Dublin

In 17th century, Dublin had a major expansion. Before the Acts of Union in 1800, Dublin was considered as the second largest city in British Empire.

Facts about Dublin 2: as a capital city

Dublin was selected as the capital city of the Irish Free State after Ireland was partitioned in 1922. The Free State then was called Ireland. Find facts about Dover here.

Dublin and Education

Dublin and Education

Facts about Dublin 3: the administration of Dublin

The administration of Dublin was at the hand of City Council. Dublin receives high significance in Ireland for it is the center of industry, economy, administration, art and education.

Facts about Dublin 4: the decline of Dublin

Dublin was declined in the 19th century because of the Act of Union of 1800. The decline was spotted in the economy and politics.

Dublin Map

Dublin Map

Facts about Dublin 5: the industrial Revolution

During the industrial revolution, Dublin did not have any significant role. However, it served as the transportation hub and administration center.

Facts about Dublin 6: River Liffey

Liffey is considered as the major landscape in Dublin, which divides the city in two parts of the Southside and Northside.  The latter one features the Royal Canal, while the former one features the Grand Canal.



Facts about Dublin 7: the economy

The economy of the people in Dublin is divided based on the areas of River Liffley.  The middle to upper middle class people were spotted on the Southside. The working class ones were seen living in the Northside.

Facts about Dublin 8: the climate in Dublin

The climate in Dublin is the maritime climate.  It has mild winters with cool summers. The climate is similar with the others northwestern European regions. Get facts about Dubai here.

Museum in Dublin

Museum in Dublin

Facts about Dublin 9: the average temperature

In July, Dublin has the average temperature of 68 degrees F or 20.2 degrees C. In January, it has the average temperature of 48 degrees F or 8.8 degrees C.

Facts about Dublin 10: the notable landmarks

You will spot various notable landmarks in Dublin, which include the Spire of Dublin, Dublin Castle, and Guinness Brewery.

Facts about Dublin

Facts about Dublin


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