10 Facts about Dublin Zoo

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Facts about Dublin Zoo impress the people with all information about one of the most popular attractions in the city of Dublin. In Ireland, it earns the status as the largest zoo.  The primary roles of the zoo are for education, study and conservation. The zoo works with other zoos in the world to maintain the life of the endangered species. Let us check other interesting facts about Dublin Zoo below:

Facts about Dublin Zoo 1: the area of Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo spans on the area of 69 acres or 28 hectares. It sits at Phoenix Park.

Facts about Dublin Zoo 2: the division of areas in Dublin Zoo

Dublin Zoo features some divisions. You may spot the Sea Lion Cove, Orangutan Forest, Asian Forest, House of Reptiles, African Plains, The Kaziranga Forest Trail, City Farm, Roberts House, South American House, and Fringes of the Arctic. Get facts about Central Park Zoo here.

Dublin Zoo Pic

Dublin Zoo Pic

Facts about Dublin Zoo 3: the endangered species

The life of endangered species is one of the primary concerns of Dublin Zoo. Therefore, the zoo has the mission to breed that species.

Facts about Dublin Zoo 4: EEP

EEP stands for European Endangered Species Programme where Dublin Zoo is a member. This organization is aimed at conserving the endangered species in European countries.

Dublin Zoo Pictures

Dublin Zoo Pictures

Facts about Dublin Zoo 5: the conservation

When Dublin Zoo conducts conservation, the study, research, education, protection and breeding the endangered species are involved.

Facts about Dublin Zoo 6: the role of Dublin Zoo in the EEP

The role of Dublin Zoo in the EEP includes managing the Moluccan cockatoo and golden lion tamarin.

Facts about Dublin Zoo

Facts about Dublin Zoo

Facts about Dublin Zoo 7: the endangered species in the zoo

One of the endangered species housed in Dublin Zoo is Rodrigues fruit bats. The fruit is the main diet of the bats. If you are interested to view the bats, you can go to the Roberts House of Dublin Zoo.

Facts about Dublin Zoo 8: the golden lion tamarin

The golden lion tamarin is a small monkey, which has the golden hair color. Due to the lost of natural habitat, this South American monkeys are threatened. Get facts about Dublin here.

Dublin Zoo House

Dublin Zoo House

Facts about Dublin Zoo 9: the beauty of Moluccan cockatoos

The moluccan cockatoos are considered as beautiful birds.  The crest features the pink color, while the feathers have the white and pink tones.

Facts about Dublin Zoo 10: the themed areas

Dublin Zoo features many themed areas. In 1996, World of Primates was opened for the first time. In 2001, the African Plains was officially opened for public.

Dublin Zoo Lion

Dublin Zoo Lion

Are you impressed after reading facts about Dublin Zoo?

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