10 Facts about Dubnium

Monday, January 2nd 2017. | Chemistry

Facts about Dubnium explain the chemical element with atomic number 105. It symbolizes as Db in the periodic table. The dubnium-268 is considered as the most stable known isotope of the element. It will only last for just one day. That is why it is hard for the scientists to have deeper research on Dubnium. Moreover, this element is very radioactive. Let us get other interesting information about Dubnium below:

Facts about Dubnium 1: the production of Dubnium

The production of Dubnium is conducted artificially. It has not been discovered on earth naturally.

Facts about Dubnium 2: the first discovery of Dubnium

In 1968, the Soviet Joint Institute for Nuclear Research claimed the first discovery of Dubnium. Then the American University of California discovered it in 1970.

Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr

Facts about Dubnium 3: the new element

Both JINR and University of California called the new element with a different name without any formal approval.

Facts about Dubnium 4: the dispute

The claim of both teams about the element was on dispute. In 1997, the dispute was solved after the element was called Dubnium. Look at facts about Coltan here.

Otto Hahn

Otto Hahn

Facts about Dubnium 5: the name of the element

The element is called Dubnium inspired from the site of JINR, Dubna.

Facts about Dubnium 6: the location of Dubnium in the periodic table

Dubnium is included as a transactinide element. You can find it in d-block of period 7 in the periodic table of elements.

Facts about Dubnium

Facts about Dubnium

Facts about Dubnium 7: the Soviet

Niels Bohr was one of the notable scientists in the world for he played an important role in the development of quantum theory and atomic structure. At first Dubnium was called nielsbohrium by the Soviet to honor this Danish nuclear physicist. Get facts about dry ice here.

Facts about Dubnium 8: the American

The American chose the name hahnium to call this new element to honor the father of nuclear chemistry, Otto Hahn.



Facts about Dubnium 9: the atomic number

The atomic number of Dubnium is 105.  It is unstable and is called as the superheavy element.

Facts about Dubnium 10: the first nuclei of Dubnium

The reactions of direct nuclear fusion were applied for producing the first nuclei of Dubnium. The nuclei only lasted less than a second due to the unstable characteristic. 268Db is the most stable isotope. 270Db is the second stable isotope. Until the present days, both take the record as the heaviest isotopes of Dubnium. Both are produced indirectly from the heavier nuclei decay.

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