10 Facts about Dubstep

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017. | Music

Facts about Dubstep will tell us about a genre of electronic dance music. The origin is always associated with South London, England. The development of Dubstep was linked with other types of music like reggae, jungle, broken beat, drum and bass, dub, and techno. The popularity of Dubstep is spotted in the end of 1990s.

Facts about Dubstep 1: the Jamaican sound system

In the beginning of 1980s, people witnessed the development of Jamaican sound system, which originated the growth of Dubstep in United Kingdom. Find facts about Donna Summer here.

Facts about Dubstep 2: the features of Dubstep music

The percussion patterns from the bass lines and syncopated drum are spotted on the music of Dubstep.

Dubstep Pic

Dubstep Pic

Facts about Dubstep 3: the first release of Dubstep

In 1998, the Dubstep was released for the first time.  The singles did not emphasize on the vocals for the musicians focused more on the experimental remixes. The bass was made in two-step with hard the drum and break beat elements.

Facts about Dubstep 4: Plastic People

Plastic People was the name of London’s nightclub where different kinds of dark garage music was introduced and promoted during the Forward night. This promotion was significant to the growth of Dubstep.

Dubstep Playing

Dubstep Playing

Facts about Dubstep 5: a genre of music

Even though the music of Dubstep had been developed in 1990s, it was considered as a genre in 2002.  Tempa, Ammunition and Big Apple were some labels, which referred this musical genre.

Facts about Dubstep 6: DJ John Peel

DJ John Peel from BBC Radio 1 was considered as the earlier supporter of Dubstep. He played the music from 2003.

Facts about Dubstep

Facts about Dubstep

Facts about Dubstep 7: the top 50

Distance, Digital Mystikz, and Plastician were included in the top 50 in 2004 voted by the listeners of the show of DJ John Peel.

Facts about Dubstep 8: the spread of Dubstep

In the end of 2005 and beginning of 2006, the small local scenes began to notice the presence of Dubstep.  The internet increased the popularity of Dubstep to grab the attention of the wide audiences. The blogs download sites and forums are available for Dubstep lovers.

Dubstep Music

Dubstep Music

Facts about Dubstep 9: the music magazine

The music magazine and publications began to discuss Dubstep.  The extensive coverage of Dubstep made this musical genre gains more fans. Get also facts about drummers here.

Facts about Dubstep 10: DJ Mary Anne Hobbs

DJ Mary Anne Hobbs was also from BBC Radio 1. In January 2006, a show called Dubstep Warz was dedicated for this genre.



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