10 Facts about Duck Dynasty

Friday, January 6th 2017. | Entertainment

Facts about Duck Dynasty will tell the readers about the American reality TV series. If you watch the TV series, you will know the life of Robertson family. They have Duck Commander, the successful business that produces the products for duck hunters.  The members of the family who have the longer beards include Phil, Si, Jep, Willie and Jase. Let us get facts about Duck Dynasty below:

Facts about Duck Dynasty 1: the rerun rights

In 2016, the rerun rights of Duck Dynasty were acquired by Outdoor Channel.  The channel had shown the spinoff of Buck Commander.

Facts about Duck Dynasty 2: the nonfiction one

Duck Dynasty is included as a nonfiction cable series, which earned a great deal of popularity. It had been watched by 11.8 million viewers for the fourth season premiere. There is no need to wonder that it has a number of rating records.

Duck Commander

Duck Commander

Facts about Duck Dynasty 3: Phil Robertson and controversy

Phil Robertson had a controversial statement in an interview with GQ magazine in mid-December 2013, which portrayed him as anti gay. Therefore, A&E decided to suspend the show indefinitely. Get facts about Dragon’s Den here.

Facts about Duck Dynasty 4: the public pressure

Nine days after the suspension, the A&E decided to lift it due to the pressure from public.

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson

Facts about Duck Dynasty 5: the advertising sales

The Duck Dynasty generated $80 million in the initial nine months in 2013 from the advertising sales.  The additional revenue of $400 million was gained from the merchandise sales.

Facts about Duck Dynasty 6: the end of the show

The report says that Duck Dynasty will end its show on 12 April 2017.

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty

Facts about Duck Dynasty 7: the main cast

The CEO in Duck Dynasty is Willie Robertson. His wife is Korie. The couple has a daughter and a son named Sadie and John Luke. Willie’s parents are Phil and Kay. His uncle is Si Robertson.  The brother of Willie is Jase. The wife of John Luke is Mary Kate McEacharn-Robertson.

Facts about Duck Dynasty 8: other appearance

The Robertson family also appeared in other media. During the season three premiere of Last Man Standing, the Robertson family was the guest star. The country singer Darius Rucker had his “Wagon Wheel” music video which featured the members of Duck Dynasty. Get facts about drama here.

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson

Facts about Duck Dynasty 9: Sadie Robertson

Some episodes in Dancing with the Stars featured the performance of Sadie Robertson.

Facts about Duck Dynasty 10: a Christmas album

The Robertson family was also interested to create a Christmas album. On 29 October 2013, the album was released on the market with the title Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson

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