10 Facts about Duct Tape

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Facts about Duct Tape inform us with a tape produced with a number adhesives and backings. People also call it as duck tape. It comes in many variants. The standard duct tape should not be used for sealing the heating ducts for it will fail. Use the special duct tape variant like the heat-resistant foil duct tape. It is the suitable one for sealing the cooling and heating ducts. Find out the complete information about duct tape below:

Facts about Duct Tape 1: the black gaffer tape

If you want a duct tape, which can be removed easily, choose the black gaffer tape.  It has the non-reflective design.

Facts about Duct Tape 2: the standard duct tape

The silvery gray tone is found in most standard duct tapes. If you look beyond the common color, the ducts tapes with prints and colorful hues are available.

Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Facts about Duct Tape 3: the development of an adhesive tape

An adhesive tape was developed by Revolite during the Second World War. The rubber was used as the base for this adhesive tape. Check facts about drone here.

Facts about Duct Tape 4: the function of the early adhesive tape

The early adhesive tape was used to for sealing the ammunition cases for this tape was water resistant during the war.

Duct Tape Pic

Duct Tape Pic

Facts about Duct Tape 5: the modern duct tape

The strength of modern duct tape is increased for it uses the tightly woven fabrics. The fiberglass, nylon, polyester, cotton or rayon may be employed to create the fill yarns for the woven fabric.

Facts about Duct Tape 6: the gray color

Most duct tapes produced in the market have the gray tone. This color is achieved due to the mixture of LDPE with powdered aluminum.

White Duct Tape

White Duct Tape

Facts about Duct Tape 7: the common width of duct tape

The common widths of duct tape are available in two options. The first one is made in the width of 48 mm or 1.9 inches. The second one has the width of 51 mm or 2 inches. Get facts about deep web here.

Facts about Duct Tape 8: the largest rolls of duct tape

In 2005, Henkel got the largest rolls of duct tape. It had the weight of 290 kilogram or 650 pounds. The diameter was 160 cm or 64 in. The width was 9.6 cm or 3.78 in.

Duct Tape Facts

Duct Tape Facts

Facts about Duct Tape 9: when do you use duct tape?

Ducts tape is used when you need a tape with high level of stickiness, flexibility and strength.

Facts about Duct Tape 10: the special duct tape

Some duct tapes are produced exclusively. You can get the ones with weathering resistance.

Facts about Duct Tape

Facts about Duct Tape

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