10 Facts about Dude Perfect

Tuesday, January 10th 2017. | Entertainment

Facts about Dude Perfect inform all of us with the American sports entertainment group. The members of the YouTube based group are Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and Garrett Hilbert. The latter two ones are twins. At Texas A&M University, all of them are college roommates. Dude Perfect gains the interest from the Youtubers due to their extreme sport techniques. Here are other interesting facts about Dude Perfect to notice:

Facts about Dude Perfect 1: the Stereotypes series

Dude Perfect also created the Stereotypes series. It is a comedy series of the group where they make fun of the stereotypes of sports in the world.

Facts about Dude Perfect 2: Make-A-Wish

Dude Perfect and Make-A-Wish have collaborated for charitable activities.

Dude Perfect Pictures

Dude Perfect Pictures

Facts about Dude Perfect 3: Guinness World Records

Dude Perfect is sensational for they had broken some Guinness World Records. The total subscribers for their YouTube account reach 15 million. Moreover, the group has gained 2.5 billion total views. Find facts about Downtown Abbey here.

Facts about Dude Perfect 4: in the list of the most subscribed channel

In the list of the most subscribed channel on YouTube, Dude Perfect takes the 24th place as of December 2016.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

Facts about Dude Perfect 5: the original members

The original members of Dude Perfect were Tyler, Cory, Coby and Garrett. Tyler served as the primary member. Then Cody was asked by the twins if he wanted to join the group.

Facts about Dude Perfect 6: the first video

The first video released on YouTube was a trick shot of basketball when the group was betting over sandwiches. It had been viewed 100,000 times within a week.

Dude Perfect Pic

Dude Perfect Pic

Facts about Dude Perfect 7: Panda mascot

Panda mascot was introduced by Dude Perfect where it participated in the Battles.

Facts about Dude Perfect 8: the increased popularity

After releasing a number of videos, Dude Perfect earns increased popularity. The group endorsed Tyreke Evans for his promotion as Rookie of the Year.

Facts about Dude Perfect

Facts about Dude Perfect

Facts about Dude Perfect 9: other works

The professional endorsement of Dude Perfect is not limited to sport. The group has worked with singer Tim McGraw and actor Paul Rudd. Get facts about Duck Dynasty here.

Facts about Dude Perfect 10: having interview and other activities

Some National Basketball Association stars have been interviewed by Dude Perfect. They include Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and James Harden. A mobile game of Dude Perfect was introduced in the market in 2011.

Dude Perfect Facts

Dude Perfect Facts

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