10 Facts about Dudley

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The below Facts about Dudley will elaborate the details about a large town in West Midlands, England. From Birmingham, the town is located 16.9 km north-west. It is 9.7 kilometer apart of southeast Wolverhampton. It was inhabited by 79,379 people in 2011. The administrative center for the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley is located in this town.

Facts about Dudley 1: the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley

The Metropolitan Borough of Dudley was occupied by 312,900 people. The towns of Halesowen and Stourbridge were included in this borough.

Facts about Dudley 2: the nickname

Dudley earns the title as the capital of Black Country.

Dudley Council House

Dudley Council House

Facts about Dudley 3: the brief history

Before Dudley was developed into a large town, it was only a market town. In 19th century, it became an industrial center. There is no need to wonder that Dudley is often cited as one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution in England. The industries of limestone, coal and iron were flourished in the past. In 1980s, Dudley has its commercial center located closer to Merry Hill Shopping Center. Check facts about Dublin Zoo here.

Facts about Dudley 4: the tourism object

If you are in Dudley, you will never get bored because it is a home of the historic marketplace, Black Country Living Museum, Dudley Castle and Dudley Zoo.

Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle

Facts about Dudley 5: the location of Dudley Zoo

Do you know the location of Dudley Zoo? It is housed at the grounds of Dudley Castle.  It features a number of endangered species.

Facts about Dudley 6: canals

Dudley is famous with its abundant canals. Dudley Canal is considered as the primary one, which mostly flows in Dudley Tunnel. Due to the absence of towpath, you can only use a boat to access it.

Dudley Priory

Dudley Priory

Facts about Dudley 7: the popularity of the canal

Dudley Canal is popular among the locals and visitors. The narrowboat users, fishermen, cyclists and walkers can access the open section of the canal.

Facts about Dudley 8: the cinema

A number of cinemas are found in Dudley. They include Plaza Cinema, Odeon Cinema, Gaumont Cinema, and Criterion Cinema. In 1976, the Odeon Cinema was altered to become a Kingdom Hall for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Facts about Dudley

Facts about Dudley

Facts about Dudley 9: the open-air museum

Dudley is a home to an open-air museum called Black Country Living Museum. The replica of industrial village is housed here. Get facts about Dudley Castle here.

Facts about Dudley 10: Dudley Museum and Art Gallery

The town center features Dudley Museum and Art Gallery, which it keeps a number of fossils, discovered near Wren’s Nest Nature Reserve.

Dudley Cinema

Dudley Cinema

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