10 Facts about Dudley Castle

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The following Facts about Dudley Castle will tell us about the ruined fortification. If you want to reach this historical building, you need to come to Dudley town, West Midlands, England. Before the Norman Conquest, the building was only a wooden motte and bailey castle. Then it was renewed into a stone building in 12th century. However, King Henry II ordered the building to be demolished.

Facts about Dudley Castle 1: rebuilding the castle

After it was demolished, the castle was rebuilt. The beginning of the reconstruction took place in the latter half of 13th century.

Facts about Dudley Castle 2: during the English civil war

During the English civil war, the parliament issued an order to sleigh the fortification.

Dudley Castle Beauty

Dudley Castle Beauty

Facts about Dudley Castle 3: the fire

In 1750, fire damaged the residential building of this fortification. Find facts about Bran Castle here.

Facts about Dudley Castle 4: the castle in 19th century

The castle was functioned for pageants and fetes during the 19th century and beginning of 20th century.

Dudley Castle Pic

Dudley Castle Pic

Facts about Dudley Castle 5: the grounds

If you look at the grounds of Dudley Castle today, you can spot Dudley Zoo.

Facts about Dudley Castle 6: Castle Hill

If you are in Dudley Town, do not forget to check the Castle Hill and Wren’s Nest Hill. Both are the notable examples of building during the limestone industry.

Dudley Castle

Dudley Castle

Facts about Dudley Castle 7: the entrance

If you are interested to view the castle, the entrance of the castle and Dudley Zoo is shared. It sits at one end of Dudley Town center.

Facts about Dudley Castle 8: the visitor center

In June 1994, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II opened the visitor center of Dudley Castle. When you are here, do not forget to check the exhibits. One of them is the computer-generated reconstruction, which reflected the castle design in 1550. It marked the innovation of virtual tour in the castle.

Facts about Dudley Castle

Facts about Dudley Castle

Facts about Dudley Castle 9: the legend

There was a legend, which stated that Dud, a Saxon lord constructed the wooden castle in eighth century in the castle site. It seems that the historians do not care much about the legend for most of them traced back the castle in 1066 during the Norman Conquest. Check facts about Dracula’s Castle here.

Facts about Dudley Castle 10: Domesday Book of 1086

In Domesday Book of 1086, it was recorded that the castle was owned by William Fitz-Ansculf. He was the son of Ansculf de Picquigny who was known as the follower of the Conqueror. Picquigny was thought to build the castle in 1070.

Dudley Castle Facts

Dudley Castle Facts

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