10 Facts about Duffy

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Facts about Duffy present the information about the Welsh singer, actress and songwriter. She was born as Amie Ann Duffy. She chooses simply Duffy as the stage name. In 2007, A&M Records signed her as a recording artist. In 2008, she had Rockferry as the debut album. The singles like “Rockferry” (2007) and “Mercy” (2008) were popular. However, the latter one earns more attention from the global people.

Facts about Duffy 1: Rockferry album

Rockferry album was successful.  It reached no.1 in the album chart of United Kingdom.  It had been sold at least 1.68 million copies.

Facts about Duffy 2: the worldwide sale

The worldwide sales of Rockferry reached 7 million. It gained platinum certification several times. The album received Best Pop Vocal Album during the Grammy Award.

Duffy Singer

Duffy Singer

Facts about Duffy 3: “Mercy”

Another song, which increased the popularity of Duffy, was “Mercy”. During the Brit Awards in 2009, Duffy won Best British Album, Best British Female and British Breakthrough.

Facts about Duffy 4: the second album

Endlessly is the second album of Duffy. It was released in 2010. Duffy made a shocking statement after she decided to take a hiatus from music due to her commercial and critical failure in 2011. However, she stated that she would work for the third album.

Facts about Duffy

Facts about Duffy

Facts about Duffy 5: the acting debut

As I have stated before Duffy is also an actress. The film Patagonia marked her debut in acting.

Facts about Duffy 6: other movies

Duffy also appeared in movies released in 2015 like Secret Love and Legend.

Duffy Pic

Duffy Pic

Facts about Duffy 7: the birthplace and parents

The birthplace of Duffy is located in Gwynedd. Her father is John Duffy, while her mother is Joyce Smith. She was raised by her family in Nefyn.

Facts about Duffy 8: the performance

The SXSW conference hosted the first performance of Duffy in America. Actually, she has toured in many festivals and concerts around the world.



Facts about Duffy 9: the first festival gig

The first festival gig of Duffy was at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival where she performed ‘Mercy’, ‘Warwick Avenue’, ‘Serious’ and ‘Rockferry’. Find facts about Drake here.

Facts about Duffy 10: the American televisions

Duffy appeared in a number of American televisions for her Rockferry promotion. She went to Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

UCF at Night

UCF at Night

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