10 Facts about Dugongs

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Facts about Dugongs tell the readers about a marine mammal. It is included in the order Sirenia. This medium-sized animal is a member in the family Dugongidae. It had close relation with Hydrodamalis gigas or Steller’s sea cow. However, the latter one had been vanished since 18th century. Dugong is a unique marine mammal for it is herbivorous. This animal can be found in at least 40 countries in the world along the Indo-West Pacific. Let us check other interesting facts about dugongs below:

Facts about Dugongs 1: the population of dugongs

The population of dugongs maintains their life by depending on the seagrass. That is why they can be found living in the shallow and wide water areas, which contain the seagrass meadows.

Facts about Dugongs 2: where to find dugongs

Dugongs can be found in various habitats like the inter-reefal waters, inshore islands, mangrove channels and bays.

Facts about Dugongs

Facts about Dugongs

Facts about Dugongs 3: the largest population of dugongs

The largest population of dugongs is discovered between the Moreton Bay and Shark Bay in the northern waters of Australia. Check facts about Duck Billed Platypus here.

Facts about Dugongs 4: the physical features

When talking about its physical features, the hind limbs and dorsal fin are absence just like the other modern sirenians. Moreover, the body is fusiform. It also has the paddle-like flippers.

Facts about Dugong

Facts about Dugong

Facts about Dugongs 5: how to differentiate manatees and dugongs

The unique teeth, skull, and dolphin-like tail distinguish the dugongs from the manatees.

Facts about Dugongs 6: hunting the dugongs

The meat and oil are the two common products from dugongs, which make the people hunt the animals for nearly thousands of years. This animal is still-hunted in Pacific Islands and northern Australia due to its cultural significance.

Dugongs Range

Dugongs Range

Facts about Dugongs 7: the status

The status of dugong is as a species vulnerable to extinction based on the IUCN.

Facts about Dugongs 8: the declined population

The population of dugong is declined for various reasons such as hunting, damaged habitat, and fishing related activities. That is why some countries protect the animals. Moreover, the trade of the derived products from dugongs is banned by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. Find facts about duck here.

Dugong Facts

Dugong Facts

Facts about Dugongs 9: the vulnerability

The vulnerability of dugong into extinction is high because the reproduction is in slow rate.

Facts about Dugongs 10: life span

Dugong can live around 70 years depending on the habitat.



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