10 Facts about Duke Basketball

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Facts about Duke Basketball elaborate the basketball team, which serves as the representative of Duke University. This college basketball program has the official name of Duke Blue Devils. Mike Krzyzewski is the coach of the team.  In any NCAA men’s basketball program, the team has won four all-time.

Facts about Duke Basketball 1: the record

Duke has amazing basketball record.  The team had 11 appearances during the Championship Games. It became the winners for NCAA Championship five times. The tournament winning percentage of Duke is .755.

Facts about Duke Basketball 2: the National Player of the Year

Due to the wonderful success that the team has on the court, the National Player of the Year has been entitled for 11 Duke Players.

Duke Basketball Logo

Duke Basketball Logo

Facts about Duke Basketball 3: NBA draft

The NBA draft features 71 players from the Duke. Moreover, the Duke has 14 Academic All-Americans and 36 All-Americans players.

Facts about Duke Basketball 4: the Duke in 2008

In 2008, the Duke was called as the most prestigious college basketball by ESPN.

Duke Basketball Stadium

Duke Basketball Stadium

Facts about Duke Basketball 5: the first All-American of Duke

The first All-American of Duke basketball is Billy Werber. He was from the class in 1930. The first National Player of the Year from Duke was Dick Groat who received the title in 1952.

Facts about Duke Basketball 6: the indoor stadium

In 1940, the indoor stadium was opened in the college. At first, the stadium was considered as an additional feature for the gymnasium. Check facts about Dodger Stadium here.

Facts about Duke Basketball

Facts about Duke Basketball

Facts about Duke Basketball 7: the cost of the stadium

The stadium was funded partly by the appearance of Duke’s football team in Rose Bowl of 1938.

Facts about Duke Basketball 8: the head coach

The head coach of the Duke from 1929 until 1942 was Eddi Cameron. His name was used to name the stadium in 1972. In 1953, the Duke became a charter member of the Atlantic Coast Conference after it decided to leave the Southern Conference. Check facts about Dodgeball here.



Facts about Duke Basketball 9: the first Final Four

In 1963, The Duke has their first Final Four appearance. During the semifinal, the Duke was defeated by Loyola with the score of 94-75.

Facts about Duke Basketball 10: the national title team

In 1964, the Duke under Vic Bubas was headed to the national title game. However, the Bruins of UCLA defeated them. Since 1980s, the coach has been Mike Krzyzewski who presents various achievements with his Duke team.

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