10 Facts about Duke Ellington

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Facts about Duke Ellington inform the readers with the American composer, bandleader and pianist. His career spanned for more than 50 years until his death on 24th May 1974. He became a leader of a jazz orchestra since 1923. Duke was born on 29th April 1899. His real name is Edward Kennedy Ellington. He used Duke Ellington as the stage name. His birthplace was located in Washington DC.

Facts about Duke Ellington 1: the place of living

Since the mid-1920s, Ellington settled in New York City where he earned a national attention for his orchestras had frequent appearance in Harlem. They played at the Cotton Club. He and his orchestra went to Europe to do various tours in 1930.

Facts about Duke Ellington 2: a key leader in jazz music

Ellington is always considered as a prominent figure in jazz music. However, he preferred to call his music as the American music rather than focusing on a certain genre such as jazz.

Facts about Duke Ellington

Facts about Duke Ellington

Facts about Duke Ellington 3: the members of Ellington’s orchestra

Johnny Hodges was a saxophonist who was a member of Ellington’s orchestra. Hodges is known as one of the best jazz musicians.

Facts about Duke Ellington 4: as a composer

Ellington was recognized as a wonderful music composer. He had written at least one thousand compositions. He also collaborated with other musicians to create the compositions.

Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington

Facts about Duke Ellington 5: the compositions from the bandsmen

The bandsmen were allowed to create their own compositions. The recorded one includes “Perdido” and “Caravan” written by Juan Tizol.

Facts about Duke Ellington 6: Billy Strayhorn

Billy Strayhorn was one of the collaborators of Ellington. He was known as a pianist, arranger and composer. Both musicians collaborated after 1941.

Duke Ellington Facts

Duke Ellington Facts

Facts about Duke Ellington 7: the career revival

Ellington and his band had a career revival after they performed at Newport Jazz Festival in July 1956.

Facts about Duke Ellington 8: the works of Ellington

The works of Ellington were not only performance on stage. They were also used as the musical scores of movies and stage musical performance. Find facts about dubstep here.

Duke Ellington Picture

Duke Ellington Picture

Facts about Duke Ellington 9: Pulitzer Prize

In 1999, Ellington received Pulitzer Prize for music posthumously.

Facts about Duke Ellington 10: the early life of Ellington

The parents of Ellington were pianists. They were Daisy and James Edward Ellington. James liked to play the operatic arias. On the other hand, Daisy preferred to play the parlor songs. Marietta Clinkscales was the piano teacher of Ellington when he was seven. Check facts about drummers here.

Duke Ellington Pic

Duke Ellington Pic

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