10 Facts about Duleep Singh

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Facts about Duleep Singh present the information about the last Maharaja of Sikh Empire. He was known as Maharaja Duleep Singh or Dalip Singh. He was born on September 6th, 1838 and died on October 22nd, 1893. He was also called as the Black Prince of Perthshire. His mother was Maharani Jind Kaur. His father was Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Let us get other interesting facts about Duleep Singh below:

Facts about Duleep Singh 1: rising to power

In the royal family, he was the youngest son of the Maharaja. However, he was the only child of Maharani. In September 1843, he earned the power after four of his predecessors were assassinated. At that time, Duleep was only five years old.

Facts about Duleep Singh 2: the role of his mother

The mother of Duleep became Regent for a short period. However, a British Resident replaced her after the First Anglo-Sikh War in December 1846. Then she was jailed.

Duleep Singh Pic

Duleep Singh Pic

Facts about Duleep Singh 3: the relationship

Duleep and his mother had to live separately after she was imprisoned. Both never met for almost 13 and half years.

Facts about Duleep Singh 4: Dr John Login

Dr John Login cared for Duleep Singh since he was 10 years old. When he was 15 years old, Duleep was exiled into Great Britain.

Duleep Singh Young

Duleep Singh Young

Facts about Duleep Singh 5: the relationship with Queen Victoria

Duleep had great relationship with Queen Victoria. The queen admired him. There is no need to wonder that the queen became the godmother of some of Duleep’s children.

Facts about Duleep Singh 6: contacting the mother

Singh sent a letter for his mother. However, she did not receive it for the British in India intercepted the letter.

Duleep Singh

Duleep Singh

Facts about Duleep Singh 7: meeting her mother

On 16th January 1861, he eventually met his mother at Spence’s Hotel in Calcutta. Then both went to Great Britain together. Login helped them during the process of meeting.  Get facts about Delhi India here.

Facts about Duleep Singh 8: the Sikh heritage

Duleep realized about his Sikh heritage after her mother told him during the last two years of her life.

Duleep Singh Facts

Duleep Singh Facts

Facts about Duleep Singh 9: Raja Dhian Singh

Raja Dhian Singh protected the life of his mother, Jind Kaur and Duleep after the death of Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1839. Check facts about Clive of India here.

Facts about Duleep Singh 10: living in exile

Duleep had to live in exile in Fatehgarh from Lahore under the care of Dr John Login.

Facts about Duleep Singh

Facts about Duleep Singh

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