10 Facts about Dundee Scotland

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Let us get the interesting information of the fourth largest city in Scotland on Facts about Dundee Scotland. In United Kingdom, it is called as the 51st most populous area. In Scotland, it called as the second highest one with the population density of 6,420 per square miles or 2,477 per km square. It was occupied by 148,210 people in 2015. Here are other interesting facts about Dundee Scotland to notice:

Facts about Dundee Scotland 1: the brief history of Dundee

During the medieval era, Dundee appeared as a burgh. Because of the jute industry, Dundee was well developed in the 19th century.

Facts about Dundee Scotland 2: the epithet

Dundee earns the epithet as a city of journalism, jam and jute.

Dundee Scotland

Dundee Scotland

Facts about Dundee Scotland 3: the peak of population

The 1971 census recorded the highest population in the city. It was inhabited by 182,204 people.

Facts about Dundee Scotland 4: the scientific activities

Dundee is a home to various scientific activities. That is why it is often dubbed as ‘One City, Many Discoveries’. Look at facts about Dromana here.

Dundee Scotland Pic

Dundee Scotland Pic

Facts about Dundee Scotland 5: the industries in Dundee

The digital entertainment industry in Dundee accounts for 10 percent in UK. Since 1980s, Dundee has featured biomedical and technological industries.

Facts about Dundee Scotland 6: education

Dundee is a home of two notable universities. They are the Abertay University and University of Dundee.

Facts about Dundee Scotland

Facts about Dundee Scotland

Facts about Dundee Scotland 7: the first UNESCO City of Design

The title of the first UNESCO City of Design was earned by Dundee for the city contributed for the field of video games, comics and medical research. Check facts about Doha here.

Facts about Dundee Scotland 8: the football clubs

Dundee also has two professional football clubs. They are the Dundee F.C. and Dundee United.

Dundee Scotland Images

Dundee Scotland Images

Facts about Dundee Scotland 9: the climate

Based on the Köppen-Geiger classification, Dundee has the oceanic climate just like other regions in lowland Scotland. It is characterized with mild winters and chilly summers. Mylnefield, Invergowrie features the Met Office weather station located 6.4 kilometer or 4 miles from the City Center.

Facts about Dundee Scotland 10:  the economy of Dundee

One-fifth people in the city work in jute industry. In the end of 1945, Dundee was appointed as the base operation for NCR Corporation in United Kingdom. NHS Tayside, University of Dundee, Dundee City Council, and Tesco are some largest employers in the city. There is no need to wonder that the people who live in Kinross and North East Fire decide to commute to the city.

Dundee Scotland Facts

Dundee Scotland Facts

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