10 Facts about Dung Beetles

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Facts about Dung Beetles tell the readers about the beetles, which consider dung as their primary food. The beetles are very strong. The dung may be used to establish a breeding chamber by rolling the dung into a round ball. This type of beetle is called a roller. On the other hand, the dung will be buried by the dung beetles called as the tunnelers. The dung beetles, which simply live in the manure, are called the dwellers. They did not roll and burrow the dung.  Let us check other interesting facts about dung beetles below:

Facts about Dung Beetles 1: the dung

The dung beetles are always interested with the dung.  They have the width of 2 cm and length of 3 cm.

Facts about Dung Beetles 2: the superfamily

Dung beetles are included in the family Scarabaeidae, superfamily Scarabaeoidea and subfamilies of Scarabaeinae and Aphodiinae. Find facts about dugongs here.

Dung Beetles Images

Dung Beetles Images

Facts about Dung Beetles 3: where to find dung beetles?

Dung beetles can be found in some places like grasslands, forest, farmland, and desert. They do not like living in a very cold and dry habitat. They can be found in many parts of the world except Antarctica. Check facts about dragonflies here.

Facts about Dung Beetles 4: the types of dung

There are two types of dung.  It is produced by the omnivores and herbivores. The dung beetles love the dung produced by the omnivores. However, most of them also have additional diet by eating fruits, decaying leaves and mushrooms.

Dung Beetles Pic

Dung Beetles Pic

Facts about Dung Beetles 5: Deltochilum valgum

Deltochilum valgum is a type of dung beetles, which mostly live in Central America. Millipedes are preyed by this beetle.

Facts about Dung Beetles 6: why the dung?

The beetles eat for the dung because it contains high level of nutrients for the beetles to live. Once they eat it, they do not have to drink or even eat again.

Dung Beetles

Dung Beetles

Facts about Dung Beetles 7: the strength of dung beetles

As I have stated before, dung beetles are strong. The beetle, which can carry 1,141 times heavier weight than its body is the male Onthophagus Taurus beetles.

Facts about Dung Beetles 8: the navigation of dung beetles

Some dung beetles move during the moonlight. However, other species move during the visible bright stars and Milky Way.

Facts about Dung Beetles

Facts about Dung Beetles

Facts about Dung Beetles 9: the behavior of dung beetles

In the end of 19th century, the people began to realize the behavior of beetles due to the works of Jean Henri Fabre.

Facts about Dung Beetles 10: the myth

There was a common myth related to a dung beetle. The people believed that when the dung beetles had an obstacle, the other would help. Actually, it is not true. Fabre realizes that dung beetle will not help each other because the other one will try to steal their dung.

Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle

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