10 Facts about Dunkin Donuts

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Facts about Dunkin Donuts inform us with the famous American global donut company. The customers are served with coffees too. It is headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts. The founder of Dunkin Donuts was William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950. Today, the company is flourished. It spreads in 36 countries in the world with over 12,000 restaurants.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 1: the products of Dunkin Donuts

Donut is the primary product in Dunkin Donuts. However, it also serves the customers with baked goods, bagels, hot and iced beverages.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 2: Mister Donut

Once, Mister Donut was the major competitor of Dunkin Donuts before 1990. Allied-Lyons who owned Dunkin Donuts decided to acquire Mister Donut in February 1990. Then the company decided to offer all stores of Mister Donut to alter the name into Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin Donut

Dunkin Donut

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 3: the delicious products

Dunkin Donuts serves as the customers with various kinds of donuts. It also has the glazed donut breakfast sandwich, muffins, cookies and bagels. The “Big N’ Toasted” is a notable product from the company. It is an oven-toasted sandwich.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 4: the sales

Even though the main product advertised is donut, it only accounts for 8 percent of the sales. The drinks accounts for 65 percent of the sales. The other food items account for 27 percent of the sales.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 5: the cold or iced drinks

Since 1997, Dunkin Donuts has served the customers with an iced drink called Coolatta. Others include the iced tea, iced lattes, iced coffees, and macchiatos. The latter one is often topped with vanilla, hazelnut or caramel.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 6: the hot drinks

The hot drinks are available too. You can choose the hot chocolate, hot tea and hot coffee. Get facts about Domino’s here.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts

Facts about Dunkin Donuts

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 7: seasonal flavors

The season flavors are offered for the customers in a certain period. The peppermint hot chocolate is offered during the winter season.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 8: the fall season

The salted caramel and pumpkin flavors are offered during the fall seasons. Check facts about Disney Parks here.

Dunkin Donuts Logo

Dunkin Donuts Logo

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 9: the trans fats

The usage of trans fat has been decreased since 2007. Now it uses the combination of soybean, cottonseed and palm oils.

Facts about Dunkin Donuts 10: the global sales

The global sales to Dunkin Donuts earned $6 billion for the income in 2010.

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