10 Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation

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Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation present the information about the Miracle of Dunkirk. Operation Dynamo is the code name for this evacuation. It took place during the Second World War on 26th May to 4th June 1940 when the allied soldiers were evacuated in the harbor and beaches of Dunkirk, France. Check other interesting facts about Dunkirk Evacuation below:

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 1: the objective

The objective of Dunkirk Evacuation was to save the allied soldiers from France, Great Britain and Belgium after they were surrounded by the Germany soldiers.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 2: Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill cited the event as a colossal military disaster.  Therefore, the soldiers should be rescued.

Dunkirk Evacuation Facts

Dunkirk Evacuation Facts

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 3: the declaration of war

British Empire, British Commonwealth and France declared war on Germany due to its invasion to Poland in September 1939.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 4: assisting France

The defense of France was aided by BEF or British Expeditionary Force. On 10th May 1940, the Netherlands and Belgium were invaded by Germany after the Phoney War. France was attacked by Panzer corps.

Dunkirk Jack

Dunkirk Jack

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 5: trapped soldiers

Three French armies, British Expeditionary Force and Belgian forces were trapped by the German forces by 21 May 1940.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 6: who was Commander of the BEF?

General The 6th Viscount Gort served as the commander of British Expeditionary Force. He decided to evacuate the soldiers out of Dundirk to avoid the Germans.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 7: a halt order

Adolf Hitler approved the halt order issued by German High Command on May 22nd, 1940. The allied forces had enough time to withdraw the soldiers out of Dunkirk and planned for defense.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 8: the evacuated soldiers

There were 7,669 soldiers evacuated from Dunkirk on the first day. Eventually the 338,226 soldiers at the 8th day by using more than 800 boats.  Check facts about Denmark in World War 2 here.

Dunkirk Evacuation

Dunkirk Evacuation

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 9: the evacuation condition

Not all soldiers were evacuated at once. Some of them had to stay in the shoulder-deep water for hours.  Most of them were saved by the large ships and smaller ships like pleasure craft, fishing boats, merchant marine boats and lifeboats. Look at facts about Cold War here.

Facts about Dunkirk Evacuation 10: the casualties

During the French campaign, 68,000 soldiers of BEF died. The military equipment, vehicles and tanks should be neglected during the evacuation.

Dunkirk Evacuation Images

Dunkirk Evacuation Images

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