10 Facts about Durban

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Facts about Durban tell us about the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. It is called as the third most populous urban area in South Africa.  In the nation, Durban is called as the busiest port. People love to come to Durban because of its amazing beaches and subtropical climate. That is why tourism is flourished in the city. The 3.5 million people settle on the municipality of Durban.

Facts about Durban 1: the New7Wonders Cities

The members of the New7Wonders Cities in 2015 included Kuala Lumpur, Beirut, Havana, La Paz, Durban, Doha and Vigan.

Facts about Durban 2: the settlement of Durban

The settlement in Durban was traced back in 100,000 BCE when the communities of hunter-gatherers occupied the region. The history about the first inhabitants of Durban was very limited. The area was named Natal by Vasco da Gama, an explorer from Portugal who spotted the region.

Durban Beach

Durban Beach

Facts about Durban 3: the Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is one of the famous points of Interesting in Durban. The surrounding area of the Golden Mile is occupied by the most popular beaches. The people who visit Durban may also recognize the Drakensberg, historic sites of Zulu Kingdom and national parks of Durban.

Facts about Durban 4: the first mayor

Sipho Ngwenya is the first mayor of eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality. However, he only served for two years. In July 1996, the name was altered into Durban UniCity. In 1999, it was changed again into eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality.



Facts about Durban 5: Geography

Most areas in Durban are hilly. The harbor and central business areas have different geography.

Facts about Durban 6: the climate

Durban is free from any frost and snow. It has the dry and warm winter season. The summer season is humid and hot. Based on the koppen climate classification, it has the humid subtropical climate. The precipitation is around 39.7 inches per year.

Facts about Durban

Facts about Durban

Facts about Durban 7: the average temperature

During the winter season, Durban has the average temperature of 63 degrees F. In the summer season, the temperature is around 75 degrees F. See facts about Dublin here.

Facts about Durban 8: the Indian culture

The Indian culture is very influential in shaping the culture of Durban. It affects the religion, culture and cuisines of Durban.

Durban People

Durban People

Facts about Durban 9: the working age

The working age population accounts for 68 percent of the total population.

Facts about Durban 10: the number of homicides

In 2015, the Durban Metropolitan area had to deal with 1,237 homicides. Check facts about Dunedin here.

Durban Facts

Durban Facts

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