10 Facts about Durdle Door

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Facts about Durdle Door inspired us with a wonderful place to visit in Dorset, England. It is often written as Durdle Dor. The exact location is on Jurassic Coast. It is a natural limestone arch.  The Welds family is the private owner of Durdle Door. The family also owns 50 kilometer of Lulworth Estate in Dorset.  This point of interest is often visited by the public due to its unique shape. Let us check other interesting facts about Durdle Door below:

Facts about Durdle Door 1: the name

The word Durdle is taken from the Old English word of thril. It means drill or bore.

Facts about Durdle Door 2: geology

The geology primarily controls the coastline surrounding the Durdle Door. It can be seen from the patterns of the folds and faults and rock hardness.

Durdle Door

Durdle Door

Facts about Durdle Door 3: the small rocky islets

The small rocky islets such as the Blind Cow, the Bull, the Calf and the Cow are spotted on the offshore to the west.

Facts about Durdle Door 4: the cliffs

If you are at the cliffs, you have to be careful.  The landslides and rockfalls often take place on the cliffs due to the eroding landscape.

Facts about Durdle Door

Facts about Durdle Door

Facts about Durdle Door 5: a large slide

In April 2013, the east of Durdle Door experienced a large slide. Consequently, a part of the South West Coast Path was destroyed.

Facts about Durdle Door 6: the record about the arch

The information about the arch had been recorded earlier. Perhaps, the name of the arch had been applied for more than a thousand years. Check facts about Dublin Zoo here.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast

Facts about Durdle Door 7: Durdle Door in 18th century

Durdle Door is called as the magnificent arch of Durdle-rock Door. It was called Dudde Door, Durdle, and Durdledoor. They were used to name the arch in the maps of the beginning of 19th century.

Facts about Durdle Door 8: ‘Dirdale Door’

The area was called ‘Dirdale Door’ on the first Ordnance Survey map in 1811. Look at facts about Dovedale here.

Facts about Durdle Door 9: other similar names

The other regions, which have the similar names of Durdle Door, include the Durlston Head and Durslton Bay. It was called as Barn-door in the end of 19th century.

Facts about Durdle Door 10: the literature and popular culture

Durdle Door is a popular site for literature and popular culture. Some movies have been filmed here such as Nanny McPhee, Wilde and Far From the Madding Crowd. Durdle Door also appears in some music videos such as Cliff Richard’s “Saviour’s Day” and Billy Ocean’s “Loverboy”.

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