10 Facts about Durga

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The form of mother goddess in Shaktism is explained on Facts about Durga.  Durga is the considered as the mother of the universe and wife of Lord Shiva. Therefore, she is often called as Renuga or Renu. Durga has nine appellations for she has various incarnations. She is also known as Siddhidatri, Katyayani, Kushmanda, Brahmacharini and Shailaputri.  The eastern Hindus call Durga in at least 108 different names. Let us get other interesting facts about Durga below

Facts about Durga 1: Goddess Adishakti

Goddess Adishakti is believed to manifest in Durga according to the Devi Puranas. The meaning of the word Durga is the Invincible One.

Facts about Durga 2: Who is Goddess Adishakti?

Goddess Adishakti is recognized as the Divine Mother of Universe. She has to win the love of Lord Shiva. Therefore, she was incarnated into Parvati and lived on earth.

Durga Facts

Durga Facts

Facts about Durga 3: the Supreme Powers

The Supreme Powers have two triads. Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra are included in the masculine Trimurti. On the other hand, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati are included in the feminine Tridevi.

Facts about Durga 4: the power of Durga

It is believed that Durga has two major powers. Generally, she owns Tamashakti and Jada Shakti. Her natural power includes Pancha Mahabhuta Shakti, Prakrutika Shakti and Aatma Shakti.  Find facts about Christianity here.

Facts about Durga

Facts about Durga

Facts about Durga 5: the origin of Durga

Several versions are available about the origin of Durga. One of them believed that Durga was a form of mother of universe, Adishakti. Since she went on earth to be born as Parvati, she owned the Adishakti power where Lord Shiva helped her to control it. Parvati became Durga to slay Mahishasura. She became Kali and killed Raktabija.

Facts about Durga 6: weapons

Durga has various celestial weapons given by the deities. Chakra is the weapon used by Durga to destroy the evil.



Facts about Durga 7: the other weapons

The other weapons of Durga include spear, conch, sword, bow and arrow, trident, club, lotus, and thunderbolt.

Facts about Durga 8: Durga Puja

The biggest annual celebration for Durga is called Durga Puja conducted for 10 days. Get facts about different religions here.

Durga Pictures

Durga Pictures

Facts about Durga 9: the celebration of festival

The festival is celebrated in Nepal, Bengal, Assam, Odisha, and Jharkhand.

Facts about Durga 10: Dashain

The longest national holiday of Nepal is Dashain when the people worship Durga in ten forms. One form is celebrated in one day.

Durga Sclupture

Durga Sclupture

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